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Moonfall: Robo Saga G Alpha is a project by the Humongous Mecha fans of the Troper IRC Channel. The moon is falling, and humanity's only hope is to gather the Power Crystals of twenty-six Humongous Mecha and combine their powers, allowing them to activate the Super Prototype Alpha-Machine. Unfortunately, there are different takes on what is the best way to gather the crystals. Particularly, the man who owns the I robot believes in the power of strength, and aims to get his hands on the 25 other crystals by force. In addition, not everyone is aware of the imminent threat posed by Moonfall and want to use the mecha for their own (good or bad) ends. The story opens as a young boy (Japanese, of course) stumbles upon G-Machine, thought destroyed, and gets embroiled in the chaos...


Basically an troperrific Affectionate Parody slash homage of everything that makes us dig giant robots.

List of units:

  • A
    • The Ace. He's British for some reason. Pilots the A-Machine, a high-speed close-range machine armed with multiple BFS's, including a katana, twin swords, and a gunblade. Why not? Knows his job and loves it.
  • B
  • C
    • One of a trio of mercenaries. Uses a Chest Blaster. Focuses on high-power attacks.
  • D
  • E
  • F
  • G
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  • H
  • I
    • A Blood Knight who knows about the Moonfall, but believes the pilot with the greatest strength deserves to unite the shards and does not co-operate with others. When O proposed a Villain Team-Up, I delivered a No-Holds-Barred Beatdown which left the O Machine non-functional for weeks. He gets through most fights using a combination of close attacks (delivered with his machine's hands or an Improvised Weapon - I Machine has no innate melee weapons) and shockwaves created by detonating missiles - only when severely pressed or finishing off a defeated foe does he bother actually launching the missiles at his opponent, despite that being his Machine's greatest strength. Z suspects, due to I's great power, that I must have already gathered the crystals of at least two other Machines.
  • J
  • K
    • A character seen only once using a variety of electricity-based attacks for mid-range damage and messing with the systems of other Machines. Possibly a mercenary hired by O.
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  • L
  • M
    • One of a pair of twins. Grows apart from his brother, and eventually leaves to join O. Fights using a "gravity gun" to disable or crush opponents - originally for N to pick them off, not for O to threaten them or steal their Machines.
  • N
    • One of a pair of twins. Grows apart from his brother, to his disappointment, and joins up with his childhood friend W to get the old M back. Fights as a long-range sniper with excellent flight abilities.
  • O
    • A portly but very clever and charismatic villain who convinces M to join him, possibly through More Than Mind Control. His Machine is huge and seemingly-indestructible (until I Machine pried apart two of its armor plates and launched a missile barrage into its core), but O himself lacks great combat skill. He tends to fight with a number of mechanized drones for support, and refuses to believe "Moonfall" is anything but an elaborate bluff. He wants control of all the Machines so he can command an unstoppable army and Rule The World - it was recently revealed that at least one world government backs him in this goal.
  • P
  • Q
  • R
  • S
  • T
    • A very young boy (noticeably moreso than G) who spends fights talking to his Voice with an Internet Connection (later revealed to be his grandfather, one of the original designers of the Machines). He usually forgets to turn his Machine's intercom off, so other characters hear his half of these conversations. T Machine is a Transforming Mecha with access to a jetfighter-like form for fast flight, a bulldozer-like form he uses to trip and disable other Machines, a seldom-seen submarine form, a cannon form with a slow recharge time, a more normal Machine form he spends the majority of a fight in, and a seemingly-useless truck form, which he insists is really cool. Actual motivations unknown, though he does tend to get into more fights than his grandfather would prefer.
  • U
  • V
  • W
    • An old friend of M and N who doesn't want to fight, but is stirred to action after M's Face–Heel Turn.
  • X
    • A mysterious guy in a very powerful, stealth-based Machine who helps either side in a fight, seemingly on a whim, and then leaves as quickly and silently as he came.
  • Y
  • Z
    • The Mentor. He was probably involved with the creation of the Alpha Letters and is one of the few who actually knows about the immediate danger of Moonfall. He's the first to learn that the G-Machine survived and is active, and finds G and takes him under his wing. His Z-Machine is a little slower and tougher than the G-Machine but has overall higher power; however, due to a lot of use, it has a lesser operating time compared to the G-Machine.

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