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Kishi shainingu; Doragon o seifuku is an original saga written by Hector Railway.

It follows the adventures of Sir Lancelot, of Arthurian legend, when he finds himself in feudal Japan after being flung through time by Morgana the Witch.

In Japan he meets Fukanaga Koyuki, a young kunoichi from a village that was under threat of a warlord, who becomes his first companion. Later, they meet the ronin Kobayashi Rento and Koji, the tengu. The four become a travelling group as they chase the witch Morgana across Japan under the orders of the Emperor.


They are later threatened by Stratos the Great Western Dragon, a monstrous beast in allegiance with Morgana, and other horrors from Lancelot's western culture, and Lancelot soon discovers he is not the only time-displaced being in Japan.


  • Back from the Dead: Lance, being revived by Aku.
  • Big Eater: Everybody except for Lance and The Persian.
  • Birds of a Feather: Lance and The Persian. They're both displaced in time, follow an identical code of honor, and even share the same odd quirks. Lance remarks in another life, they could've been the best of friends.
  • Breath Weapon: Both Dragons, but only Stratos can weaponize his storm breathe. Aku can only heal and repair with his breathe.
  • Fish out of Temporal Water: Lancelot is this, and knows nothing of his companions culture.
  • Huge Guy, Tiny Girl: Lance towers over Koyuki by at least three heads, and is much broader than her. He can carry her with one hand.
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  • Large and in Charge: Lancelot is the de facto leader of the group, and towers over almost everyone else.
  • Our Dragons Are Different: There's two of them, and are nigh-unkillable primordial beings that represent an eternal duality. The western dragon represents Evil, Night and Burning Ice, while the eastern dragon represents Goodness, Daylight and Cleansing Fire. The world is thrown out of all sense of balance when Stratos the Western Dragon kills Aku the Eastern Dragon.
  • Weapon of Choice: Lance's broadsword, Koyuki's sai, Rento's katana, the daimyo's naginata, and Arthur's Excalibur.

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