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Jumpchain is a sort of online, role-play Choose Your Own Adventure game. Some random, omnipotent being seeking entertainment has taken you out of your universe, plopped you down in another, given you some gifts to make sure you don’t immediately die, and is now watching your adventures eagerly. Congratulations! You’re a Jumper now! Get ready to Jump from world to world, forming a Chain of adventures.

First started with a single document made by a person known as Quicksilver on 4chan, Jumpchain has expanded out and now has hundreds of Jumps and its own thriving community.

The community is mainly centered around 4chan’s /tg/, the r/JumpChain, and the Spacebattles forum. There's also a following on Questionable Questing, with the content that entails.


Core/Famous Jumps and Supplements

  • Quicksilver’s Jumps: The ones that started it all. Meant as a good jumping off point, the first three offer relatively safe worlds with easy access to power.
    • Pokémon Trainer: The quintessential starting jump. Offers good survival skills, starting items, and a maximum of six Pokémon to take with you.
    • Infamous: The first real challenge. Gives you free conduit powers and offers perks that augment them.
    • Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Another breather. Turns the jumper into a Pokémon and gets them used to alien alt-forms. Comes with another Pokémon for a partner.
    • Dragon Ball: The End Jump, the Grand Finale of your journey as a Jumper. Defeat this, and you shall win and receive the Planewalker’s Spark, giving you great power and the ability to travel the multiverse by yourself, without needing the Benefactor’s help.
    • The Warehouse: Your main base throughout your multiversal dickery. Comes with a minimum of 40,000 square feet of space to do with as you please and a nice selection of add-ons.
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    • Body Mod: Lets you overhaul your body to your precise specifications and gives you a stat boost while your at it. Comes in two flavors: Quicksilver’s official, original version focusing on physical stats, and a more complicated one that covers intelligence and charisma as well.
  • Nine-to-Five: A Lethal Joke Jump that blends low stakes with a failure option that's screwed many a jumper: lose your job, lose your chain. Perks and items include Mafia connections, the house from Up, and the bowel-voiding Multiverse's Most Comfortable Couch.
  • The Light of Terra: A Warhammer 40k giga-Jump and hands down the most ambitious thing to come out of the community. An actual narrative is spread out over the course of three parts and five side-Jumps as you come into the possession of the titular ship and deal with all the chaos that comes afterward; also your probably stripped down to your body mod unless you caved and broke the Deadlight. Guaranteed to leave with the ship, companions repping one of the setting's factions, and a planet.
  • Universal Drawbacks: A list of drawbacks that can be taken at any time, allowing for extra CP outside of the Jump doc. Some are removable while others persist through out the chain. Also comes with a few alternate play options for the more ambitious jumper.

Jumpchain contains examples of:

  • The Ace: What long-term Jumpers tend to become.
  • Ascend to a Higher Plane of Existence: What happens when the Jumper completes their chain & obtains their Oldwalker Spark...Or they could just keep traveling the multiverse.
  • Choose Your Own Adventure: What inspired Jumpchain.
  • Curb-Stomp Battle: What usually happens when a) a young Jumper visits a high-power setting or b) a long-term Jumper meets anyone.
  • Death Is Cheap: Companions usually come back to life after dying.
  • Depending on the Writer: This is how Jumpchain works. Every playthrough is done by a different person, so every Jumper is going to be different. Every document was done by a different member of the community, so the Benefactor usually doesn’t stay the same either.
  • Dimensional Traveler: What every Jumper is.
  • Every Episode Ending: Every Jump ends with three choices. To stay in the setting, to go back home to Earth, or to continue on to another Jump. Whatever happens, all Drawbacks are nullified and you keep everything you’ve gotten up to that point.
  • From Nobody to Nightmare: In about two jumps (one if you play your cards right) a jumper can go from a Muggle to the strongest person on earth. The Body Mod pretty much guarantees this.
  • Fun with Acronyms: The currency within essentially every Jump is known as CP. Usually, it stands for Choice Points, but Jump writers often make it mean something else to fit the setting better.
  • Hammerspace: Your Warehouse serves this function. It stores all the treasure you collect throughout your journey from weapons and armor to companions and spaceships.
  • I Have Many Names: Due to how non-centralized the community is, the omnipotent being taking you from setting to setting has many names. Jump-Chan, the Benefactor, the Patron, and so on.
  • It Amused Me: The original reason for why the Benefactor is sending you around from universe to universe.
  • Immortal Immaturity: Given that this whole trip is an escalating power fantasy and, well, you're you, you're bound to become this somewhere down the line provided you haven't cracked.
  • Killed Off for Real: Normally, if the Jumper dies and loses a Jump, they are sent home with everything they’ve earned, and with all Drawbacks nullified. However, very rarely, certain Drawbacks may permanently kill the Jumper, trap them in a Fate Worse than Death, or otherwise prevent them from going back home at all.
  • Mr. Exposition: The Benefactor takes this role by giving a quick summary of the setting to the Jumper, since they won’t necessarily know what the setting is when they get there.
  • Non-Standard Game Over: Most Jumps don’t have these, but some do. They are most often encountered in specific Drawbacks and Scenarios. May include but is not limited to: letting a certain character die, ascending to godhood, losing a certain item, or failing one of the scenario’s goals.

  • The Omnipotent: The Benefactor is generally considered to be omnipotent. A jumper’s bound to be this too by the time they spark.
  • Power at a Price: Drawbacks let a jumper spend more on perks and equipment in exchange for a problem/restriction they have to deal with until the end of the Jump.
  • Self-Imposed Challenge: Most Jumps allow you to take as many Drawbacks as you want but limit the amount of CP you can get from them. Beyond that CP limit, any further Drawbacks are simply for your own entertainment.

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