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Innkeeper is a Low Fantasy online CYOA by End Master, author of Necromancer and Eternal, among others. It is hosted on Choose Your Story, and in it the reader plays as a medical student who helps his mother run the family inn after the death of his father. It also has a Stealth Sequel in the form of the story-game Rogues, which tells of the adventures of Innkeeper's main character's son.

Examples of tropes in Innkeeper include:

  • Butch Lesbian: Tom's mother works in the mines and has a female "roommate."
  • Education Mama: Genderbent in the case of the main character's father. He is introduced to the reader by telling his son to study, and he and his wife saved up money for their son's college from the time he was born. He even borrowed more money than he could to from Mr. Reynolds.
  • Loan Shark: Mr. Reynolds lent money to the main character's father and does not appreciate late payments.
  • Low Fantasy: Innkeeper is primarily about running an inn, but the setting is one that includes things such as elves and succubi.