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Dear Recipient,

"Have you ever experienced something you'd rather forget? Or have you actually forgotten what you'd rather remember? What if you could remember or forget, just like that? What, perhaps, if it was not you that needed to forget, but someone else?

The INK Asylum.

Enter a world where you yourself are the mystery; Who are you? What are you? Travel the hallways of Ink Asylum as you try to regain pieces of your memory, encountering friend and foe alike. Each victory will bring you one step closer to regaining who you are...and one step closer to unraveling the mysteries of Ink!

An Original Character Tournament currently in final round (comics or flash only), which can be found at deviantArt Ink asylum has been brought to you by: Mixmaster163


Basic Tropes in INK:


Asylum residents:

Warden Atramenti/The Warden:[1]

N and K:[2]

Io Non:[3]

  • Creator: thedemonsurfer
  • Berserk Button: Speaking to Io in Italian leads him to become manic and beyond console.
  • Broken Record: "Io non ti amo come fossi rosa di sale, o topazio, o la freccia cremisi che il fuoco scocca. Ti amo come certe cose oscure siano da essere amate, in segreto, fra l'ombra e l'anima." This is the only thing he knows how to say.

Smia Delghadi:[4]


Cara and Gatz:[6]

Clarie and Rio: [7]

Tropes regarding various patients

There are over 38 patients currently in Ink Asylum:

Aidin Trut & Aurelio

Alexander & Dameon [8]

Alice & Jason

Arthur Rosenberg

  • Creator: artic-moon
  • Blue Blood: He's an aristocrat.
  • Badass Longcoat: The coat has a magical charm on it that deflects any malevolent force. So not only does it look cool, it's functional!
  • Bishōnen: Actually written into his character. Not just because of the artist's art style.
  • Something About a Rose: Indeed it is a typical Bishōnen trait, but the rose is actually his family's crest, so everyone has to wear one. Besides, the only one he has is the one on his tie.

Ava & Junko

Bastion Feral [9]

Bloop wolf



Daniel Cauchemar & Vincent Brown [10] [11]

Drake Radu [12]

Farrell Bauernfeind [13]

Fred & Lucu

Hollow Doctor [14]

Jouel [15]

Jun (Julius) Ishiro

July & Jun-Kay [16]

Juve [17]


Kung-fu Hobo

Laurence & Pheobe


Luke Archer [18]

Margarette (Marge) Amery

Meo Lyons

Meyer [19]

Nev'res Forst & Bite Frost [20]

Noble [21]

Six [22]

  • Creator: TacosaurusRex
  • Nice Guy: Despite the fact he looks like an intimidating robot, he doesn't want to fight anyone.

Sureau Ramon [23]

Turnpike (Pike) Todd [24]

Twist [25]

Round Tropes

  • Only the Winning Canon Rounds will be troped. (For the sake of keeping this page neat, and well, accurate to what happened in INK.)

Round One

Nev'res & Bite vs. Luke - Winner: Luke [26]

Juve vs. Farrell - Winner: Juve [27]

Jouel vs. Meo - Winner: Jouel [28]

  • Not a Morning Person: Jouel. Jouel. JOUEL. Seriously.
  • Poor Communication Kills: Meo and Jouel's relationship in a nutshell. That happens when you both speak different languages, I guess.
  • Dark and Troubled Past: For the both of them, but Jouel's was highlighted more in this round.
  • Just in Time: Jouel shanks Meo and wins just in time even though she's not sure what's going on.
  • Super Strength: Jouel is a lanky looking chick in a pink shirt. Yet she's crushing steel bed posts, lifting large chunks of rock (with Meo at the same time) and uses a railing bar as a javlin to impale thick cement and stab Meo on the other side. Would you arm wrestle her?
  • Weak, but Skilled: Meo has trouble running up stairs and lifting heavy objects. But comes up with the best way to pass the broken stairs and manages to give herself a headstart by tricking Jouel. She THEN sets up a trap within the span of what had to have been minutes.
  • Impaled with Extreme Prejudice: Meo got shanked. End of story.
  • No Sense of Personal Space: Lucu woke Meo up in a way that suggests he has no personal space.
  • Break the Cutie: Need I say more?

July & Jun-Kay v.s. Twist - Winner: Twist [29]

Lint v.s. Bloop - Winner: Bloop [30]

Sureau v.s. Six - Winner: Sureau [31]

Julius v.s Cory - Winner: Cory [32]

Danny & Vincent v.s. Bastion - Winner: Danny & Vincent: [33]

Kung Fu Hobo vs. Noble - Winner: Noble [34]

  • I Am a Monster: Noble shows the first signs of having this issue.
  • I'm Crying, but I Don't Know Why: Sort of, KFH thinks it's because Noble's happy he caught him after stealing wine. It's actually because of a memory Noble recalls after winning the round.

Kannion vs. Ava & Junko - Winner: Kannion [35]

Hollow Doctor v.s. Pike - Winner: Pike [36]

  • Knife Fight: If this match wasn't a knife fight, I don't know what it was.
  • Insane Troll Logic: Yes Pike, you have a kitchen knife, of course that makes you a serial killer.

Alice & Jason v.s Alexander - Winner: Alice & Jason [37]

Conway v.s. Marge - Winner: Marge [38]

Aidin & Aurelio v.s. Drake - Winner: Drake [39]

Fred & Lucu v.s. Arthur - Winner: Fred & Lucu [40]

Meyer v.s. Laurence & Phoebe - Winner: Meyer [41]

Round Two

Meyer vs. Noble- Winner: Noble [42]

Marge vs. Pike- Winner: Pike [43]

Alice & Jason vs. Luke- Winner: Luke [44]

Fred & Lucu vs. Juve- Winner: Juve [45]

Kannion vs. Jouel- Winner: Jouel [46]

Drake vs. Sureau- Winner: Drake [47]

Twist vs. Bloop- Winner: Twist [48]

Cory vs. Danny & Vincent- Winner: Danny & Vincent [49]

Round Three

Danny & Vincent vs. Luke- Winner: Luke [50]

Drake vs. Noble- Winner: Drake [51]

Twist vs. Jouel- Winner: Jouel [52]

  • Bridal Carry: Twist does this to Jouel when she's knocked out. She returns the favour later.
  • Big Bad Wannabe: Jouel points out how much Twist fails to act like a real bad guy.
  • Blood Knight: Despite being out numbered by monster ink snakes Jouel seems to have a little to much fun tearing them apart.
  • Tragic Bromance: Twist was the only match up to not somehow threaten Jouel first, the two even got on well. This ends as you might expect, see below trope.
  • Half the Man He Used to Be
  • Downer Ending: Bye Twist.

Pike vs. Juve- Winner: Juve [53]

Round Four

Drake vs. Luke- Winner: Luke [54]

Jouel vs. Juve- Winner: Juve [55]

Round Five

Luke vs. Juve- Winner:

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