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'Twas a long time ago; Longer now, than it seems,
In a place that perhaps you have seen in your dreams.
For, the story that you are about to be told,
Took place in the holiday worlds of old.
Now, you've probably wondered where holidays come from...
If you haven't, I'd say it's time you begun!
For, the holidays are the result of much fuss
and hard work for the worlds that create them for us.
Because you see now, quite simply, that's all that they do!
Create one, unique holiday, especially for you!
But once, a calamity ever so great,
Occurred when two holidays met by mistake.
And finally, everything turned out just fine.
Christmas was saved, though there wasn't much time!
And after that night, things were never the same.
Each holiday now knew the other one's name!

Many years later, a school stood in a forest near the Holiday trees and 60 students (letters in hand) approached the school with eagerness and anticipation. Most of them had no clue why they were there, only that they were accepted out of thousands of entrants.

Holidays Academy is an academy on DeviantArt, founded by SirScorpius and co-founded by HellzWaltz and zykrinnox, based on the idea of the Holiday Doors in The Nightmare Before Christmas. Students, teachers and faculty interact with roleplay and assignments. It's all for fun and you should definitely join.


Basic Tropes:

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    Teachers and Faculty 

Miss Sally Heartnet

St. Valentine's Day Teacher

Creator: Christgirl253

Miss Aven O'Connor

Ex St. Patrick's Day Town Teacher
Creator: Robot-fingers

Mr. Linwood Crawford IV

Easter Town Teacher
Creator: SirScorpius

Mr. Haar Grimm

Halloween Town Teacher

Creator: Candy-Leptic

Mr. Cornelius

Thanksgiving Town Teacher


Mr. Cain N. Kandi

Christmas Town Teacher

Creator: zykrinnox

  • Cool Uncle: He has one. Namely, Santa Claus.
  • Wacky Parent, Serious Child: You should meet his parents sometime. No idea where his seriousness came from.
  • Last-Name Basis: Starts out by calling /EVERYONE/ Mr. or Miss/Ms/Mrs. lastname. Including students. ESPECIALLY students.
  • Genius Sweet Tooth: Really, I have nothing to add to this.
  • Psychologist Teacher: Solved a lot of problems already. Told a certain Thanksgiving teacher about his love problems, even solved the homelessness of a certain Halloween student from past years, is helping a certain Valentine's empath with her own empath-related issues... He can basically tell if you're upset just when he walks in the room and from there it's not hard to solve every problem possible. In fact, he WILL solve it.
  • Badass Teacher: Try to harm his students. I dare you. In fact, I double-dog dare you.
  • Stern Teacher: Fair. I promise he's fair. Just don't ask Lily or Salem about that.
  • The Kirk

Professor Christopher Crispin

Real World Studies Teacher
Creator: ProfessorOaky

    The Students 

Ciocci Fiori

  • The Empath: Receiving lessons from a certain Christmas Teacher to help deal with all the extra emotions she's getting at all times in such a freaking emotional place. /glances at the overly-emotional Thanksgiving Teacher

Luke Lagneia

Anemone Lockheart

Rudy Ricochet

Xander Coul

Juke Baritone

Lily Finnigan

Rune Darrow

Redmond Montague

Jared Hingenbottem

Ji-Eun Song

Yseult Ni Cinead

Lenox Donnchadh

Aru Afitch

Pulcina D'Agnello

Bridget Zimmerman

Aviana Picken

Crimson Angela

Salem Araignée

Felis "Felix" Flechette

Gregory Golem

Everest Hollow

Romulus Wolfsbane

Jonathon Braneeter

Demona Dusk

Nina Scarrington

Emma Brookhaven

Soaring Raven


Ashton Cook


Kassandra Erikson

Rowan Silentdrum

Yule Belén

Noel Caroline

Nifl Fimbulvetr

Walter Weaver

Peppermint Elf

Arthur Bell

Robin Malaki

Adam Shinlo


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