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Higherworld OCT is an Original Character Tournament on DeviantArt. A god-like entity, The Trickster Hellion, gets bored and invites (read: kidnaps) people from all over the multiverse to fight each other on the titular Higherworld for the chance at gaining Johl's Tincture. All in the name of his amusement, of course.

The Higherworld itself is a massive array of Floating Continents and the bridges that connect them, with a small star in its center. Among the islands are a volcano that spews liquid gold; a city where its always twilight; a forest with a few settlements scattered about; a desert with an oasis in the center and mountains in the distance; and a plain covered in glowing trees and roamed by sentient constellations. Oh, and when night comes the sun turns into a blacklight and a person's shadow will rise up in an effort to kill them.


There is a character page containing all the info on the contestants themselves.

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