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He, Himself, and Him is a YouTube series by MrChrisMad involving time travel. The story "begins" when Chris Mad must complete a history project. Because of his lack of work ethic, he fails in timelines A and B, but somehow succeeds in timeline C. In timeline B, he comes across plans for a time machine early the next morning (they were planted there by Chris C) and tries to go back in time to stop himself from procrastinating. He instead gets stuck in timeline A indefinitely.


Meanwhile, a mysterious being known only as The Collector is traveling between timelines capturing various incarnations of Chris Mad to absorb their powers. Chris C must stop him.

There are 25 episodes so far and a short film is planned. There's a list of all 25 episodes and a few of the trailers here. (For episode 1, the remake is shorter and more relevant to the story than the original, but I decided to link to both versions anyway)


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