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Getsuyoubi no Tawawa (lit. Monday's Tawawa, officially subtitled Tawawa on Monday)note  is a series of images depicting a day in the life of the various women around Tawawa prefecture, drawn by Kiseki Himura (of Sword Art Online Progressive fame). Originally crafted as a way to alleviate the stress of the working week's start for salarymen by drawing pinups of random beautiful busty women, it has since picked up its own continuity and expanded to a whole series.

While the early installments had little continuity, installments starting from roughly a quarter into the first year began settling on a recurring cast of girls and their love interests, following them through the years as they get through life and develop their romances. Because of the smaller scale, this cast also seemed to worm their way into each other's lives.


The series gets compiled volumes during the Comiket season, each with a bonus manga that expands on one of the girls' stories and explains how they got to their current situations. It also received a five-minute anime that aired on Nico Nico Douga (with a second season arriving in 2021), and November 2020 (a good six years after the illustration series started) saw the announcement of a proper manga serialization in Weekly Young Magazine, appropriately releasing every Monday.


This series provides examples of:

  • Acme Products: Tawawa this, Tawawa that— it's the name of the prefecture, the town, and nearly every brand in it.
  • Adaptation Relationship Overhaul: A fitness center from one of the early unrelated images becomes the center used at Onii-san's company in the anime. The trainer in the illustration likewise became his boss' personal trainer.
  • Age-Gap Romance: A favorite in this series. Ai-chan, Maegami-chan, Jitome-chan, and Rikei-san all have a bit of a gap between their love interests (the former are/were teenagers to their partners' adult, Jitome's boy is a bit older as he was in middle school during her childhood, while Rikei is an adult tutor with a teenage student). The compilation manga reveals that Ai-chan's mother also dated and married young, and apparently this is consistent with the women of Ai-chan's family. Taken to an extreme with the video rental guy and Sada-chan, being the ghost of a young woman who died in 1998. Even if the guy was born during the time, he would have still been a kid to a likely late teenage Sada-chan.
  • All Guys Want Cheerleaders: Cheer-chan is part of the cheering squad in school, and she caught the attention of every guy in Japan during one particular baseball match. Her boy (one of the baseball team members, so we have that Jock/Cheerleader thing going on too) is also crushing on her, and the feeling seems to be mutual.
  • All There in the Manual: Additional information on the girls and their situations can be found on Himura's twitter, as well as the compilation volumes.
  • All Women Are Lustful: While the guys do have sexual desire, most of the women featured are the sexually aggressive ones in the relationship. Many of the girls like Ai-chan, Cheer-chan, and Hokuro-chan play The Tease for their men, Jitome is constantly holding back to deny her patron goddess satisfaction, and Maegami-chan spent her entire school relationship with her teacher trying to get him to crack and fall for her. One of the special comics even does a Bait-and-Switch showing that Ai-chan was the one having a sexy maid dream, in which she gets called on to pleasure her master every night.
  • Ambiguous Ending: Both the end of the dialogue-less comic and the companion comic focused on Sada-chan ominously leave it unclear whether her having a bigger screen to fully pass through will end well for the man she's haunting. The eighth compilation book, where Ai-chan and Maegami-chan interview the other girls, shows her in the man's room with a close up of an ominous smile when asked if she finally passed through a screen and then cut to her suddenly blushing in embarrassment while her man is next to her in utter heavenly bliss, implying she made good on her promise of being his lover. Later illustrations with her show that yes, she really did want to escape just so she could ravish him ...only for her to find out the hard way that he's got far more libido than she could have expected, meaning his drained appearance in the compilation book is due to him exhausting himself, while Sada-chan's utter blush is not simply out of embarrassment for having done the deed.
  • Artifact Alias: By the end of volume 1, Ai-chan tells Onii-san he'll have to start calling her J-chan due to her growing size, and page #200 shows her getting even bigger. For sake of recognition, Himura keeps her nickname at "Ai". The serialization lampshades this by having Ai-chan say she'll likely keep growing, so she'll have him call her "Ai" for the sake of ease.
  • Ascended Extra: Onii-san's boss, of all people, gets an entire anime episode dedicated to him and his usual haunt: the company fitness center. He also has the noteworthy distinction of being the only male character in the series (not counting the crossdressing boy) depicted with eyes.
  • Attractive Bent-Gender: #277 has the boys of a One-Gender School dress up the most Bishounen-looking kid in the class as a girl for the school's crossdressing contest. The chest, of course, was filled out by a roll of paper towels.
  • Audience Surrogate: The fertility goddess that narrates Jitome-chan's story in Volume 7 gets her kicks from giving the audience visions of Jitome in sexy poses and varying states of undress. She also gets exasperated with Jitome's reluctance to consummate her relationship with her fiancee, at one point outright telling her to just do it already.
  • Author Appeal: Can you take a guess? The whole point of the series was to unwind with photos of buxom girls.
  • Bait-and-Switch: One image has Maegami caught sleeping by her teacher. Seizing his opportunity to touch her in a vulnerable moment, he reaches out for her ...hand, and measures out her ring finger for the little surprise he's got planned for White Day.
  • Be Careful What You Wish For: After finally being able to pass through a screen big enough to fit her (and her enormous assets), Sada-chan finally disrobes in front of her soon-to-be lover, with a clear maniacal grin of excitement towards finally being able to bone him. She finally does, only to find out her man's a looooooot hornier and sexually hungrier than she ever could have expected, him dragging her back beneath the sheets with his eyes eagerly shining from within the darkness, after she tries to go back inside her screen to retire.
  • Bookends: 2018 begins and ends with Maegami and her teacher; New Year's Day with the teacher having a dream, and New Year's Eve with the revelation that Maegami's about to give birth.
  • Boy Meets Ghoul: Sada-chan and the video rental guy basically meet like this.
  • Buxom Is Better: Contrary to popular belief, the majority of girls in Tawawa prefecture are not as busty as the main girls. However, a lot of them wish they do the men, and they praise the main girls when they see them. Hell, sometimes people pray to their breasts, with those visiting shrines looking at them as signs for better fertility.
  • Call-Back: #316 has Ai-chan trip on her shoes and topple over Onii-san for the second time since they've met.
  • Childhood Friend Romance:
    • Cheer-chan and the baseball kid are longtime childhood friends, and by the end of the fifth tankoubon they've started dating.
    • The twins are revealed to have this relationship with their neighbor.
  • Chocolate of Romance:
    • For Valentine's Day 2019, Volleyball-chan expresses her wish for Ai-chan to give her a honmei chocolate molded into the shape of her breasts. While Ai-chan didn't do it, her little sister was desperate enough to do it under her nose.
    • Valentine's Day 2021 has the country girl give her crush valentine's chocolates, but under the pretense of a delivery. She then immediately gives herself away by clarifying that it's not obligatory chocolate.
  • Clingy Jealous Girl:
    • Sada-chan doesn't make her jealousy the least bit secret when the video rental guy brings home and watches one of Cheer-chan's idol videos, causing her to seduce him further by putting on several swimsuits (that she somehow has in her well, along with a horde of other things). When he brings home a porno of a Cheer-chan lookalike, she ramps up the seductive coercing and promises to let him have his way with her if he buys a bigger screen for her to pass through. The VIII-alpha compilation book, and her 2020 illustrations reveals that he does, with thankfully positive results, albeit a little more than she expected.
    • Naturally, for someone who makes her desire for her stepbrother plain to see, especially to him, Gimai-chan doesn't take it well when he unintentionally ogles Kouhai-chan when the latter was visiting Senpai, who lives in the adjacent apartment. The next part of their story shows Gimai-chan straddling her flustered stepbrother on his bed, with her bare shirt partially open ...while he's on the phone with his stepfather, who's just checking up on them.
    • Ai-chan herself's got some jealous tendencies. When she and Onii-san go to the apartment above theirs to confront the loud noises, namely Sada-chan and her lover's sex marathon, the former is the one that opens the door with barely a Modesty Sheet on her. Cue Ai-chan immediately pressing her palms over Onii-san's eyes.
  • Cosplay Café: Ai-chan's School Festival had one of these. She absolutely did not want to be one of the servers for it, given that every boy in the room (and Volleyball-chan) wanted her in a maid uniform. While she was perfectly happy making food in the back, she did bring the maid outfit back home with her, specifically because she wanted Onii-san to see her in it.
  • Crossover: With the similarly structured Twitter illustration series Ganbare Douki Chan on the week of July 27th, 2020 (Douki-chan's 29th installment and Tawawa's 284th installment). Kouhai and the titular Douki-chan both make plans for a "date" later on in the evening, giving their respective coworker love interests some worry. What they were really doing is drinking together. This serves as the setup for the Douki and Tawawa collaboration comic, where Douki and Kouhai's respective companies are allowed to have a joint venture.
  • A Date with Rosie Palms: Cheer-chan's childhood friend has been hung up on her for a long time. So when she starts modelling for sexy pictures, well...
  • D-Cup Distress:
    • Rikei-san was first shown to us working on a breast reduction chemical.
    • Ai-chan, while she does recognize the benefits of having large breasts, is not keen on them getting any bigger than they are now (especially with her best friend celebrating every milestone they get to). When she found cold medicine that had breast swelling as a side effect, she was very displeased.
    • While the issue of large breasts does bother some of the girls from time to time, the one who's taken most issue with hers is Sada-chan. On top of being half of the reason she can't emerge from any of the screens she haunts, they pretty much ruined her acting career as a child when they started growing and literally caused her death, their weight making her fall into a well when filming an in-universe parody of The Ring. Ironically, she's stated to have the biggest chest of the girls. In her Miko uniform, her robes are barely held closed by three safety pins.
  • Death by Sex: Seemingly the main reason Sada-chan's boyfriend is so scared of her getting out of the TV. Thankfully, it ends happily for both of them, and the only reason he looks like this happened to him when we see the aftermath is because he exhausted himself with his pent-up libido, much to Sada-chan's surprise and sheer embarrassment. In fact, she worries during their first marathon session of the reverse, crying out that she'll "die twice".
  • Death Glare: Jitome-chan's default expression. Despite this, the boys who try to ask her out consider it a charm point. It runs in the family; her cousin/fiancee has a much scarier one that he normally hides behind his glasses.
  • Deliberately Monochrome: Each and every picture is done in a trademarked blue tint. Even on some official merchandise, they have a colored version and a completely blue version.
  • Diet Episode: Following New Years' 2021, Kouhai-chan gains weight over winter break. She spends three weeks trying to follow a nexercise regime and going to the gym, but her after workout snacking eventually wins over her desire to lose weight.
  • "Dinner, Bath, or Sex" Offer:
    • In the sixth compilation, Maegami-chan throws out every other option in favor of just "me, me, or me" while wearing high school girl cosplay. It's not like her teacher was hoping for anything else, and they get right to love making.
    • Gimai-chan does a more traditional variant in one of her pictures.
  • Double Entendre: Gimai-chan does one while she's on the phone with her stepfather. When he asks if she and her brother are doing okay, she responds that he's well (genki), which can also be used to mean that he's "lively". Given that the siblings are in bed together and are all but outright stated to have had sex before the call, she's also referring to her brother being "lively" in the lustful sense.
  • Double-Meaning Title: There are two ways to parse the title: seeing what the people of Tawawa do every Monday, and the implication of what half the population is doing every Monday.
  • Dude Magnet:
    • Ai-chan is the original dude magnet of the series, a fact that initially made most of the girls in her school despise her for diverting all the boys' attention away from them. They eventually stopped being so hostile though.
    • Jitome-chan has a lot of male admirers in her school. The fertility goddess narrating her chapter points this trope out as the reason she should consummate her relationship, or at least make it public; the boys will never stop bothering her otherwise.
  • Dull Eyes of Unhappiness: The 100th installment has Ai-chan look on in disappointment as her family and best friend celebrate her chest reaching a 100 centimeter width.
  • Early Installment Weirdness:
    • The first batch of images consists of unrelated drawings of busty girls having fun, usually in sunny locations such as the beach. It's not until Ai-chan and Kouhai-chan come along that the series begins to have some semblance of continuity. Even one of those unrelated drawings eventually became related to Cheer-chan, as it was one of her modelling photos.
    • Sada-chan is a particular case of this. The first strip clearly is meant to be, or at least looks like, a parody of the actual Sadako from The Ring, but by the second strip, and then confirmed by the compilation books, she's not Sadako herself, merely a young actress who ironically died filming an in-universe parody of the movie. This can be seen by her more obviously gaunt looking appearance early on, but quickly became a case of Progressively Prettier when it became clear she's not Sadako.
  • Earn Your Happy Ending: While far from being the ending, even of her storyline, considering the amazing amount of crap in her life, including dying in the most ironic way possible because of the very breasts that drove her to desperately take her final role, it's nice to see Sada-chan finding happiness and closure in undeath by having a guy who took to adoring everything about her, even her lost past, effectively pacifying and purifying her spirit. She even starts up a career as a V-tuber, and of course, the other meaning of "happy ending" also applies.
  • Ecchi: Softcore, but it counts. The series' appeal is having each featured girl in a situation where her breasts can be front and center, even if they're doing something completely normal.
  • Even the Girls Want Her:
    • Ai-chan is fawned over by Volleyball-chan, at the very least. The manga also shows that Maegami-chan sees the appeal in girls like her as well.
    • Volleyball-chan herself has the full attention of Ai-chan's little sister, and in the 2019 Valentine's drawing she's shown with a huge pile of chocolates, indicating that a lot of girls like her too.
  • Everybody Has Lots of Sex: At the very least, Ai-chan's relationship with Onii-san is sexual, Maegami-chan waited 3 years to get with her teacher and when they got together they couldn't keep their hands off each other, and it is also implied that Cheer-chan and her childhood friend and Rikei-chan and her stepbrother have done it (much to the consternation of the former's manager). Let's not get started on Jitome-chan and her situation. Or that Rikei eventually did sleep with her now-college student (on Coming-of-Age Day, no less). It seems every relationship shown is destined to end between the sheets, but nothing explicit is ever shown, just enough to let you know it happened or allow you to draw your own conclusions. The VIII-alpha book outright confirms this, with each main girl getting a look into each other's sex lives. It also reveals that this includes even Sada-chan, whose potentially ominous cliffhanger of a coercion to be bought a big enough screen to pass through had a happy ending, in more ways than one. The lone exceptions to any of this are Kouhai-chan, who is oblivious to everyone thinking she and her Senpai are an item and hasn't taken any steps with Senpai at all, and Ai-chan's sister, who is too young.
  • Everyone Has Standards: Rikei-chan and her stepbrother by #342 are all but having sex with each other on-screen, but they still turn their childhood family portrait away when having sex because they feel a little guilty about being Flirty Stepsiblings.
  • The Faceless: All the women have differing designs and personalities. All the men are faceless when shown and not truly elaborated on, with very similar designs and usually chosen as the viewpoint character. Only a few men escape this — Volleyball's little brother and Onii-san's boss are among rare examples.
    • Amusingly, Kouhai's little brother eventually became one of the few recurring males to be depicted with a face — as long as he's wearing his crossplay.
  • Face of a Thug: Downplayed with Jitome-chan; even though her default expression resembles a Death Glare, her beauty still draws the boys in her class to ask her out. Her cousin/fiancee is a straighter example, capable of scaring away older men just by glaring at them. The men, while running away, comment that the pair look like a yakuza princess and her bodyguard.
  • Fanservice Model:
    • Cheer-chan works as a gravure model despite being in high school, and everyone at her school already knows about it but don't care.
    • Hokuro-chan puts up gravure photos on Twitter, as established in #218.
  • Former Child Star: Sada-chan was one, who lost her appeal when her chest grew, along with becoming the subject of gossip among her male classmates. Her attempts to continue acting are what lead to her death.
  • Gainaxing: A no-brainer situation for this series. Ai-chan and Volleyball-chan have to do a marathon for gym class, and because of Ai's poor running form her breasts bounce all over the place. Not even wearing a sports bra stops her.
  • Goroawase Number: The giant monitor that Sada-chan tries to coerce her target into buying in #232 is priced at 110,801 yen, which can be read as "ii oppai", or "nice boobs".
  • Hot Teacher: Rikei works as a science teacher outside of her tutoring, while there is a swim instructor who's captured the attention of all of her young students.
  • I Have Boobs, You Must Obey!: Rikei's original mini arc has her encourage her student to score high in his college entrance exams by promising he can grope her boobs once he gets in the school of his choice. As we later see when he finds his number on the school's list, it was pretty good motivation.
  • The Immodest Orgasm: Poor Ai-chan's sister tries to call her in the middle of a heated session between her and Onii-san. It takes one loud moan for her to get the picture.
  • Innocent Fanservice Girl: The series' stock and trade. Parodied in the 2019 April Fools special, where Ai-chan gets flustered over an R18 version of the series while Maegami and Kouhai react with innocent to mild bemusement.
  • Innocently Insensitive: For Respect Your Elders Day, Ai-chan's sister goes around being unusually pleasant to her mother and older sister. It's only afterwards when they see her on the news happily talking about how she was planning on giving her elders massages that they understood her sudden upturned personality, and were furious at the thought of being called old.
  • Insatiable Newlyweds: Maegami and her teacher rarely have moments apart, and if the sixth compilation is any indication, they share a very active sex life.
  • Interrupted Suicide: The bonus manga in the first volume (adapted into the first episode) reveals that Onii-san was considering committing suicide by train before Ai-chan ran into him.
  • It Runs in the Family:
    • Jitome-chan has a resting grumpy face that she claims runs in her family. Her cousin uses his own Death Glare on purpose to scare away any men trying to hit on Jitome.
    • Ai-chan implies that her falling in love with Onii-san is due to an inherent trait in women of her family. For example, her mother was "very young" when she fell in love with her older husband and had her eldest daughter.
  • Jailbait Wait: Maegami's teacher was very clearly attracted to her, but he wouldn't lay a finger on her until she finally graduated. When she came over to his house to confirm his feelings not even the night after, all bets were off.
  • Kimono Fanservice: #236 focuses on Kouhai going with her senior to a festival, special emphasis of course going to her dressing in an elegant yukata.
  • Kissing Cousins: Jitome-chan is engaged to be married to her cousin. She made a wish to the fertility goddess of the local shrine when she was younger, and her family made it official afterwards.
  • Leaning on the Fourth Wall: Every major milestone hides the number somewhere in the picture:
    • The 100th picture in the series was also a celebration ...of Ai-chan's breasts reaching over a meter around her body.
    • For the 200th installment, Ai-chan pops off yet another button, but her mother sews a new one in its place from a now-empty 200-pack of buttons.
  • Lemony Narrator: The fertility goddess who tells the story of Jitome-chan in Volume 7 takes a whimsical approach towards this self-appointed role; in between explanations, she reminds Jitome (who is the only person capable of hearing her) of what the fans want to see (sexytimes between her and her fiancee).
  • Maid Cafe: Ai-chan's class votes on one for their culture festival theme, much to her dismay.
  • Miko: Sometimes, the action focuses on Jitome-chan and her work at a local shrine. Her cousin (also her love interest) is also a shrine worker. After her unusual encounter with Sada-chan, the latter gets conscripted to work with her as one. Surprisingly, she's corporeal enough to do so.
  • My Biological Clock Is Ticking: Maegami begins her crusade to get pregnant a little after she and her teacher move in with each other, and hints at it through interacting with children or stuffing chocolates full of performance enhancers meant for the teacher. #169 shows her crusade paid off, while #202 and #203 show the attempt was completely successful.
  • My Card: Volleyball-chan gets scouted this way by a passing producer, much to her surprise (she thought Ai-chan was going to get discovered this way).
  • Nameless Narrative: Most of the characters don't actually have a name in this series.note  The ones they're referred to are just official placeholders.
  • Nerd Glasses: Jitome-chan's cousin wears these to hide his natural Death Glare.
  • Not Blood Siblings: #261 introduces a brother-sister pair, with the sister ending up staying at her older brother's place because they now attend the same college. The image makes sure to emphasize both that she's the boy's stepsister, and that his stepmother is completely okay with whatever romantic aggression the stepsister will try out.
  • Not Distracted by the Sexy: Played with. The saleswomen for Tawawa Life Insurance run up a creek in Kouhai's office space; while they were able to get customers in other buildings due to their charisma and cute looks, the men of Kouhai's office decline. Because they already have Kouhai, they're quite used to seeing cute office women in their office and see them for their offers now.
  • Office Lady: Kouhai-chan, as well as other office girls.
  • One Degree of Separation: It's a small world, after all. Kouhai and Rikei were classmates, Volleyball-chan is Ai-chan's longtime friend and the same goes for Jitome, Maegami used to go to their school and is now neighbors with Onii-san, etc.
    • It's getting smaller, to the point that half of the primary cast are neighbors in the same apartment complex. Aside from Maegami and Onii-san (and Ai-chan, who's apparently moved in), add Senpai, Gimai-chan and her stepbrother, and, above Onii-san's apartment, the video rental worker, and thus, Sada-chan.
  • Only Known by Their Nickname: The entire cast is this, but in the more detailed comics this was enforced by Ai-chan who insisted the Salary Man use hers when they first met.
  • Out-of-Genre Experience: Volume 7 focuses on Jitome-chan, and features the irreverent narration of the shrine fertility goddess. This is the first story in the series that alludes to the supernatural.
  • Power Perversion Potential: As soon as the video guy figures out Sada-chan can come in and out of screens and can affect videos, he immediately gets her to wear bathing suits and other sexy outfits, even pulling up a porn video to make Sada-chan get in the mood. It works, surprisingly.
  • Punny Name: Tokumori's name comes from tokumori, meaning an extra large portion. Two guesses as to what that refers to.
  • Really 17 Years Old: Installment #218 has Hokuro pretend to be a 20 year old Office Lady to show off some racy photos on Twitter. Her schoolmate happened to recognize her by her Beauty Marks.
  • Recursive Canon:
    • There does appear to be a "Tawawa on Monday" in the Tawawaverse, as we see on one of the DVDs. There's also another Tawawa on Monday series, given a poster in the anime adaptation, but it seems to be centered on hot guys since one is featured front and center on the poster. Ganbare Douki-chan, which takes place in the same universe, also has Tawawa on Monday posters appearing in certain areas outside.
    • #86 is a promotion for the premiere of the ONA having Ai-chan pull the real-life tweet up, complete with picture, and clicking on the link to the video.
    • #300 and #301 show the Young King serialization, often turning to a page of the chapter running that week.
    • There will usually be an illustration posted around the date of the release of the Young Magazine version's big volumes. #320 features a sticker advertisement for the first volume on the subway Ai-chan and Onii-san take, and #378 hides Volume 2 on an ad on TV behind Kouhai-chan.
  • Relationship Upgrade: Eventually with Maegami and her teacher, who go from teacher and student to married couple.
  • Right Through the Wall: The premise of the comic that reveals that the video rental worker lives above Onii-san is that the latter and Ai-chan can hear the former's sex marathon with Sada-chan. While it initially turns them on, it does get frustrating enough for Ai-chan to try to confront them about it, with hilarious results.
  • Self-Fulfilling Prophecy: Sada-chan basically became like her namesake, because she fell in a well due to her bust's weight while trying to film a parody of The Ring.
  • Sempai/Kohai:
    • Of course, Kouhai-chan and her Senpai at work follow this trope, but Ai-chan's sister also has a schoolgirl crush on Volleyball-chan and becomes her kouhai when she graduates from middle school.
    • Ai-chan gains a younger coworker at the restaurant she works at, fittingly introduced in the 251st illustration "Senpai, Kohai".
  • Sex Dressed:
    • Ai-chan picks up a package for Onii-san in this state, surprising the deliveryman, who expected Onii-san to answer the door.
    • Sada-chan answers the door bell when the noises Right Through the Wall become too much for Ai-chan and Onii-san who lives below Sada and her man. Since they're still going at it, she just has Modesty Bedsheets covering her.
  • She Is All Grown Up: The girl at the convenience store, Tokumori, was once a shy, mousy flat chested girl in middle school. When our viewpoint character first meets her again, he's in awe of how much she has grown many ways.
  • She Is Not My Girlfriend: As much as Senpai likes Kouhai-chan, and as much as everyone thinks they're an item, they're platonic for the time being. Not helping matters is the fact that he gave her the key to his apartment (so she can look after his cat when he's out) and Kouhai's own accidentally suggestive statements when she has to explain her relationship with Senpai to others. As one commenter implied, there's also a bit of professionalism involved: as the senior worker, him making a move on her might come off as him abusing his seniority, considering she's still oblivious, no matter how much they're shipped by their colleagues.
  • Shout-Out:
    • One image has Kouhai's senpai try to catch a Pikachu in Pokémon GO but having the ball bounce off of Kouhai's breasts. They barely avoid showing the critter by having just its tail stick out while the rest is conveniently hidden.
    • Ai-chan and her family are shown watching Castle in the Sky during one image, trying to imitate the infamous scene where one of Dola's boys and Mr. Duffi flex their shirts open.
    • #175 features Ai-chan's sister imagining a soccer career, with one thought bubble featuring a parody of a greatly parodied Captain Tsubasa illustration.
    • In #228, Ai-chan is woken up by her sister while she fondles her own breasts in bed. Given that both have a good laugh about it and the fact that they and their mom were watching a movie the night before, it comes off as a clever reenactment of a memorable scene in Your Name.
    • #234 features Kouhai and Rikei going to Summer Comiket. Kouhai in particular cosplays Classic Tifa Lockhart, mammaries and all.
    • #302 has Ai-chan and her sister reading Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba. The subject of the image is the little sister reenacting a popular scene in which Tanjiro gets slapped by the mask-wearing Sakonji, only Ai gets slapped on the breasts in true Tawawa fashion. The little sister also does a makeshift cosplay of Nezuko.
    • #311 has Kouhai's shirt be ruined in such a way that it makes her shirt look like the face of a Molcar. A Molcar can be seen on the far left, too.
    • #322 introduces the Umamusume Pretty Derby parody Ushimusume (for cows, natch), and has Onii-san imagine Ai-chan as a cow girl.
  • Sick Episode: One image has Onii-san fall ill, and Ai-chan come over to take care of him.
  • Skinship Grope: Volleyball-chan takes every opportunity possible to feel up Ai-chan's boobs, and is rather blunt about her lust for her. While the series does show Ai-chan being somewhat miffed about Volleyball's behavior, it's ultimately just seen as titillation and skinship. Eventually, Ai-chan seems to have stopped caring and lets Valleyball-chan do it.
  • Slice of Life: While the series is pretty sexy, it's mostly just anecdotes of daily life.
  • Stealth Pun: When Ai-chan and her class go to Kyoto, one of the images that pops up is Kyoto Tower and its mascot pointing to it ...who, as Himura notes, "has quite the funny name".
  • Surprisingly Realistic Outcome:
    • Even in a town where all the girls are busty, there are still specialty lingerie shops that cater to sizes far larger than normal. Kouhai-chan is shown to be a customer, and Ai-chan has to shell out her extra work cash to buy just one.
    • Partially Played for Drama: The imbalance caused by the sheer weight of her own bust led to Sada-chan dying by falling into a well.
  • Tampering with Food and Drink: Maegami's valentine chocolates contained, among other things, energy boosters, health supplements, and erectile dysfunction medicine. Keep in mind she's been wanting a kid for a while by this point, and that her teacher's in the distance scared...
  • Teacher/Student Romance: With Maegami and her teacher. She was the one who approached him first and flirted with him all throughout high school, but he wouldn't lay a finger on her until after she graduated. Even then, she still tried to approach him the very night afterwards to finally get him to date her.
  • Tears of Joy: In desperation, Rikei-san promises her student that he can cop a feel if he ends up passing his college entrance exams. As it turns out, he does; but where he was expecting her to get worried about holding up her end of the deal, she's crying tears of relief that he was finally able to pass.
  • The Tease: While some of the girls like Ai-chan, Cheer-chan, and especially Maegami-chan have been varying levels of forward and teasing with their respective love interest, Gimai-chan takes it to a whole new level; every single panel she's been in has her shamelessly flirting with her stepbrother, even in public (whilst hiding their being stepsiblings in those cases, though), often to his embarrassment and to the envious ire of the males around them. At home, she sometimes outright seduces him, between choosing a home for newlyweds for them to move into, straddling him in bed while he's on the phone with her stepfather, and giving the stereotypical "dinner, bath, or me" suggestion.
  • Toplessness from the Back: In issue 289, Sada-chan finally escapes her TV and immediately disrobes in a shot framed this way as she approaches her scared but excited boyfriend.
  • Twin Test: The Twins regularly make their neighbor and shared love interest try to tell them apart. How does the neighbor know which is which? By looking at the twins' panties and bras, of course! Which makes passing these tests difficult to do in public since it requires him to expose The Twins.
  • Twin Threesome Fantasy: Two of the girls featured early on in the series are twins, who both work together to get the same man. They were Retooled a full five years after their first short appearance, now apparently in love with their neighbor.
  • Visual Pun:
    • The New Year's Day 2018 picture has Maegami's teacher dream the standard "good fortune" dream (seeing a hawk, an eggplant, and Mt. Fuji), except the mountain in his case is a side view of Maegami's breasts.
    • While Maegami and her husband are shopping for maternity clothes, she lifts up the cleavage window of one of the dresses just as the saleswoman talks about how the dress's design is called Paisley. It's a paizuri joke.
  • World of Buxom: Every main girl in this world is stacked. Every girl, no exceptions. If they aren't initially, they will be eventually.
  • You Need to Get Laid: The Fertility God wants Jitome and her cousin to give in and consummate their marriage, really badly. It's less for their benefit however, and more for the God's own.

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