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The Hands of Divine Intervention
Cosmic Potential is audio work related to Anthologies of Ullord. It is from the series The Divine Saga. In contrast to the other works by Nikki Flynn and Edwin Dantes, it features several of the gods as main characters instead of the mortals of the world. The story is centered around Mikael (god of fire/war/forge), Mara (life/death) and Avani (nature) and the interactions the gods have when their domains overlap and crash.

Tropes Found in Cosmic Potential

  • Dragons Are Divine
  • Gods Are Flawed The gods clearly have flaws including pride, short tempers and limited scopes of thinking.
    • Pramod specifically is a manipulative bastard that plays favorites.
  • Jerkass Gods Many of the gods are brats that don't like when their domain is trampled on.

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