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"Welcome to the greatest city in the Universe"

An Original Character Tournament currently on the first round, taking place at DeviantArt and hosted by Charanty.

"Somewhere in the world far away there is a city called Chromatica. A City made of the highest hopes, the most beautiful visions and the wildest dreams. And all this was brought to life in stone, glass, metal and wood. The place where everyone is welcome!For centuries Chromatica was a Mecca for all sorts of creative creatures from all over the Universe. But something started to happen...Something scary... Children in the city began to disappear... But there is a certain person who knows a secret that can save innocent lives. And he's hiding somewhere in the city. However there is a little problem - being several thousand years old, Chromatica is giant...So the Mayor of Chromatica decided that the city needs help before it's too late. And so she asked four Sentinels of Art to find creatures who will do their best to retrieve the runaway.And of course the one who will succeed is going to get a fair fee - whatever he or she wishes!So, onwards! The greatest city in the Universe awaits you!"


This is basically what this tournament is about. Genre can possibly be identified as an urban fantasy detective.

Specific trait of this OCT is that in the beginning of each round contestants are given a clue in form of riddle (which is free for interpretation). Now with a character sheet!

General Tropes


Round Tropes

For the sake of neatness, only the canonical plot's tropes will be listed here, i.e. the victor's storyline's
    Round 1 

Tine vs Glen; winner:

Tarwing vs Krazzle, Bells & Acantha; winner:

Fiezl vs Shir; winner:

Sunny vs Ocelot; winner:

Caoilainn vs Iyaki & Jackham; winner:

Elliot vs A.I. & Dr. Isaacs; winner:

Mary vs LP; winner:

Nika vs Abby; winner:

    Round 2 

    Round 3 

    Round 4 


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