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"Will it scramble?"

The Character Scramble is a writing/fan-fiction competition held on Reddit's /r/WhoWouldWin. Every season, each competitor submits a number of fictional characters who are then randomly sorted out to the other competitors. From there on, the competition begins, with each week meaning a new set of battles between competitors' teams in the form of short stories.

While this started off as simple, more seasons and the major increases in quality that came with each eventually morphed it into one of /r/WhoWouldWin's most beloved staples. Each season also added another layer of story and complexity onto the Scramble. As of October 2017, eight seasons have been completed and a ninth is about to begin.


Each season (minus the first two) has its own unique theme, centered around another series.

Season 1: Street Tier Scuffle
Theme: None
Winner: /u/xahhfink6

Season 2: Mid Tier Madness:
Theme: None
Winner: /u/dat_bass1

Season 3: Scramble Ball Run:
Winner: /u/House_of_Usher

Season 4: Scramble X Scramble:
Winner: /u/doctorgecko

Season 5: Gotta Scramble 'em All:
Theme: Pokémon
Winner: /u/Lettersequence

Season 6: Scramblemania:
Theme: Wrestling
Winner: /u/Freestylekneepad

Season 7: Scrambleworld:
Theme: MadWorld
Winner: /u/Cleverly_Clearly

Season 8: Scramble Ocean:
Winner: /u/7thSonOfSons

Season 9: Grand Scramble
Winner: /u/The Mighty Box 72


This series contains examples of:

  • Author Avatar: Mr. Celo Phane to /u/mrcelophane. May also apply with some of the characters that have been submitted.
  • Author Appeal: How the themes for each season are chosen.
  • Chekhov's Gun: Too many to count in the submitted stories. One notable one is Spider-Man in Scramble IV.
  • Massively Multiplayer Crossover
  • Original Character: Several. The most beloved include the chairman of the Scramble, Mr. Celo Phane, and the Mexican version of Captain America, Major Mexico.
  • Reality Warper: Mr. Celo Phane, the in-story chairman of the Scramble, is one of these.
  • Story-Breaker Power: In some cases, there have been submitted characters who are too overpowered for the specific tier.
  • Weird Crossover: The Character Scramble might just be the only place where you can find John Freeman, Ruby Rose, Percy Jackson, and The Doctor in one place. And on the same team, to boot.
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