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Professionally produced YouTube channel whose main product is a number of interconnected short-form Teen Drama series set in and around the fictional city of Attaway and its' eponymous High School. The major innovation, besides structuring its' output in that way rather than creating a single hourlong Teen Drama series with Loads and Loads of Characters, is using already internet-famous teens as actors who would bring their own existing following to the shows and become eligible for their SAG-AFTRA cards in return although more recent series have used actors with prior professional experience.


Brat series include;

  • Afterschooled
  • Attaway Appeal
  • Boss Cheer
  • Chicken Girls
  • Dirt
  • A Girl Named Jo
  • Hotel du Loone
  • On the Ropes
  • Zoe Valentine

Tropes found in one or more Brat series include;

  • The Mountains of Illinois: It's heavily implied that Attaway is somewhere in the Great Lakes region when it couldn't be more obviously Southern California.
  • Prequel: A Girl Named Jo is set in 1963, all the others are set in The Present Day late 2010s.
  • That Nostalgia Show: A Girl Named Jo, even though this was made in the present, it was still set in 1963.
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