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"Hi, my name is Megan Amram. But a fictionalized version of myself for this web series."
"Megan Amram", "Episode One"

An Emmy For Megan is a six-episode web series by writer Megan Amram, about her plan for the series to win an Emmy Award. An absurdist take on Oscar Bait, the series is designed to do the absolute minimum to qualify for the Emmys in the Short Form Comedy or Drama Series category. Remarkably, this may happen; the series has in fact earned two Emmy nominations, one for Amram as an actress, and one for the series as a whole.


This web original provides examples of the following tropes:

  • Dyeing for Your Art: In episode two, Amram's agent tells her she weighs too much and needs to lose weight fast. She is immediately put in touch with a trainer. Of course, Megan soon hears that the Emmy folks want curves in their leads, so by the end of the episode she's eating red velvet cake with her bare hands.
  • Rules Lawyer: Amram sets out to create the series to meet the exact rules for the category — six episodes, all less than fifteen minutes, posted online by April 27. For episode four, she simply says that she realized that there was no minimum episode length, rolled the credits, and filled the episode out with cameos from Hollywood stars wishing her luck on her Emmy quest.
  • Staging an Intervention: In episode one, when her initial discussion about the plan is met with skepticism, Amram immediately descends into a booze-fueled breakdown, leading to an intervention that instantly fixes the problem.
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