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An ongoing online story produced by Jessica Lush, a budding writer who can currently be found on under the pseudonym "Angel-Hina".

A coming-of-age series of works chronicling the daily life of Julia Lind, a depressed, but thoughtful, open-minded bibliophile and truth-seeker striving to shed the frivolous labels she received at the peak of her popularity throughout middle school, alongside her two cousins, Mateo, a 13 year old amateur filmmaking enthusiast and Claudia, a cynical, quick-witted, 15 year old skeptic who's "so over high school".


As she endeavors to craft an authentic identity, she distances herself from the mainstream, as well as past friendships and Love Interests while being conflicted between maintaining a close relationship with a naïve and impractical longtime best friend and gradually establishing a new one with a jocular, witty new girl who threatens to strives coax Julia out of her out of her shell.

As she embraces her introverted personality and slowly adjusts to the role of the observer, Julia tries to conceal her fear for the impending future by engrossing herself within a world of fiction and literature, while recording her insights within multiple diaries and letters she exchanges with a frequent poster on an anonymous online blog. She develops an intense, questionably romantic friendship with Christopher, a lighthearted, soft-spoken loner and fellow student librarian burdened by the circumstances of his parent’s alcoholism and dysfunctional relationship who is looking to project a false smile to detract attention from his struggles.


The series centers around Julia’s perspective and the mishaps she encounters alongside a group of very different teens whom, while having conflictive personas and hail from different backgrounds and home lives, try to understand and transcend true-to-life situations that don't always have happy endings.

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