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A Roar in Time is a Crisis Crossover Story Arc between the various characters within the Animated Critic Universe. It also includes characters from the Pokémon franchise. It was created to celebrate the 10 year anniversary of the American release Pokémon Diamond and Pearl. As it is not only one of Evan Crose's favorite games, but it also got him into the Pokémon franchise and games outside the Platforming genre. The plot is that Dialga and Palkia are fighting and tearing a hole within the space time continuum. This causes Pokémon characters to start appearing in Universe #1,321 note . Needless to say this causes problems for the world of the Animated Critic and with risk of space and time just collapsing there's even more incentive to stop the two from fighting.This is a pretty big deal for the Animated Critic Universe. Not only is it its first crossover event, but it's also the first time it's crossovered with another creation (albeit without official licensing).The characters who are apart of this crossover are as follows.

The characters from Tales Of Two Heroes are also going to have a tie in to the event, but it will be separate from the main story.Due to the fact that the story runs through different episodes of all the shows listed above note  reading it in order can be a challenge, but Evan does try to make it as easy as possible with things like a list on both the Animated Critic and Comic Strike Storyline Pages with the order on it. He also leaves links in every part of the storyline to the previous part and the next part so you can read it in a very nice flow. If that's not enough you can check out the recap page for the event. You can find the prologue to the event here.



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