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A Fictional History of the United States is a timeline on by user Ulysses Orbis, author of Face The Storm. Set in a world similar to that of Alan Moore's The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, in which (almost) all of fiction is true, it covers the history of the United States in this universe, in the form of a list of the many, many presidents the USA has and a description of the various fictional events during their tenure. A sequel, A Fictional History of the United Kingdom covered the history of Britain in this universe, although only from 1979.


The timeline is available here and it's British sequel here. An expanded thread, with some additional material is available to members here. It is also available on FanFiction.Net here

A Fictional History of the United States provides examples of:

  • Actor Allusion: Josiah Bartlet is the secret illegitimate father of Sean Rathcock, who is played by Martin Sheen's real-life son Charlie Sheen. Bartlet is also a distant relative of Greg Stillson, who was played by Martin Sheen in the film adaptation of the novel.
  • Adaptational Heroism: A few characters are more moral than they were canonically.
    • The Founding Fathers are paragons of moral virtue based on depictions of them in fiction with the more morally dubious elements of their analogues' lives largely not included.
    • Alvin Miller is president of the United States in this timeline and is chosen by Jesus Christ Himself to lead the country in war with the Unmaker.
    • Robert Kelly Webster has a starker Heel–Face Turn than he did in the main continuity and is responsible for fending off many actual threats to America such as Decepticons and Cobra.
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    • James Marshall exceeds his onscreen deeds by presiding over the rapid reconstruction of America following the Harvester invasion.
    • Howard Ackerman, while still a hawkish figure and a Japanese android in disguise, commits suicide to avoid triggering a nuclear war on the orders of Kira.
    • Quentin Trembley becomes the Big Good of the setting and assembles the anti-Gilead resistance movement (including a League of Extraordinary Gentlemen).
    • Paul Bunyan, instead of just being a Gentle Giant lumberjack like he is most of the time, here is additionally an analog of Abraham Lincoln when he becomes president. He is unfailingly honest, personally participates in the Civil War alongside Babe the Big Blue Ox and fights against slaveholding vampires and time-travelling South Africans to maintain the Union and end slavery.
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    • While already heroic, Mulder and Scully help save Josiah Bartlet from Rigellian captivity and thus end up saving humanity from the rule of Kang while restoring democratic government.
    • Jefferson Smith here is the president who leads the United States to victory in the Second World War.
  • Adaptational Villainy: A few characters are more morally dubious than depicted in the source material to fit other works in.
    • Josiah Bartlet is responsible for launching the Iraq War and nuking Raccoon City. He also has a secret illegitimate son in the form of President Rathcock, which isn't really consistent with how his relationship with his wife is portrayed in the source materiel.
    • Renesmee Cullen is a vampiric cult leader who attempts to aid Gilead.
    • Sheldon Cooper helps carry out research for the theocratic Gilead, though Word of God is this is only due to threats to his family.
    • Josh Wheaton, Sol Harkens, Jeff Sims and Michael Seaver likewise all support a brutal theocracy whereas they are treated as generally good characters in the source material.
    • The Vespertillo-homo (a species of Moon-dwelling bats that were the focus of the Great Moon Hoax) were strange, but generally benign as originally depicted. Here they attempt to invade Earth.
  • Alien Invasion: Happen on a regular basis. The 90's is noted as an especially bad time for this, as the Harvesters, the Martians, the Rigelians and the Yeerks all invade in quick succession.
  • Alternate History: Political history is very different, although the majority of real historical events end up happening anyway.
  • The Anti-Christ: Damien Thorn is the final president of the United States and rules over the galaxy for a thousand years before finally being defeated. Julien Felsenburgh also appears, taking a leading role in the opposition to Thorn in order to ensure that the forces of Hell win out either way.
  • Bad Future: The timeline is explicitly meant to be the Mirror Universe as Thorn turns Earth into a totalitarian empire that enslaves numerous alien races over the next thousand years before being defeated.
    • Besides this, a few other bad outcomes from various works are hinted to be canon instead of the main continuity-for instance, Biff Tannen is a wealthy, influential figure who takes on a role similar to Ross Perot in 1992 and Greg Stillson has a very successful political career that enables him to launch a nuclear war rather than being discredited due to his cowardice. Though at least Skynet gets shut down before it can do anything.
  • Big Bad: President Damien Thorn is the closest thing there is, being the most threatening villain as well as being behind several of the disasters that occurred in the later stages of the timeline.
  • Big Good: Quentin Trembley leads the resistance against Gilead. Later Samurai Jack leads the revolution that finally overthrows Thorn.
  • Canon Welding: Quite a bit of it. For example, the Emergency period in Indian history in this universe was in large part driven by anti-mutant sentiment and targetted the Midnight Children and the Chrysalis Project. Khan Noonien Singh's anger over this persecution was responsible for his takeover of the government and the Eugenics Wars, which are depicted as having also involved M. Bison, Vladimir Radchenko and General Kazim leading elements of the Augment forces. The hijacking of Air Force One by Kazakh terrorists was also carried out by Augments.
  • Composite Character: There are a few:
    • President Jacob Ajax is a composite of President Jacob and President Ajax, from two Victorian era political novels.
    • President James Cassidy Shea is a composite of Presidents James Cassidy and James Shea.
    • President Robert Kelly Webster is a composite of Senator Kelly and President Webster, from the book, Murder in the White House
    • President Sean Rathcock is a composite of Sean and President Rathcock.
    • Damien Thorn takes on the role of Aku
    • President Lex Luthor is a composite of himself with Ferris Fremont and the unnamed President in Secret Empire
    • Most of the Presidents also take on roles that were held by others, named or unnamed in the source material.
  • Crapsack World: Alien invasions, zombie outbreaks, kaiju attacks, battles between superhumans, major wars and totalitarian governments are extremely prevalent in this world.
  • Darker and Edgier: Than most of the source material.
  • Decomposite Character: A few Presidents and Prime Ministers have attributes of theirs spread among multiple other presidents.
    • Nathan Whipple takes power the way Calvin Coolidge did, but John P. Wintergreen takes his spot as president for most of the Roaring Twenties.
    • Franklin D. Roosevelt's time in office is allocated among six different presidents, only two of which really reflect aspects of his. Theodore K. Blair reflects FDR winning amidst the Great Depression and implementing New Deal policies while his status as a wartime leader against Nazi Germany is taken by Jefferson Smith.
    • Harry Truman's wartime leadership is part of Smith's term while his status as leader during the Korean War and Red Scare is occupied by Art Hockstader.
    • Lyndon Johnson's status is split between Ambrose Payton (a leader who came to power due to the assassination of his younger predecessor) and William Russell (president during the Vietnam War).
    • Ronald Reagan's attributes are split into his more pleasant attributes which go to President Webster and his more corrupt side which go to Henry Wadsworth.
    • Jack Ryan is the main George HW Bush stand-in but Sam Baker has some of his attributes as well.
  • Deconstruction Crossover: Makes very clear that a megacrossover world would not be a very nice place to live in.
  • First Installment Wins: Generally speaking, the first version of a work is considered canon over later adaptations. So if there is a book that was adapted into a film, the book's continuity tends to take precedence and comic book arcs take precedent over their film or cartoon adaptations.
  • Galactic Conqueror: Damien Thorn conquers the entire Milky Way, forming the Terran Empire.
  • Happy Ending Override: Happens quite a bit.
    • Josiah Bartlet ends up getting killed by a Sentinel following Scudder's coup.
    • The Pines Twins end up being placed in stasis alongside Trembley, thawing out in the far future. No mention is made of any of their friends or loved ones joining them. The same is true of Jane Hopper.
    • Generally, most characters who got a happy ending in the source material and live into the 2020's are going to have to reckon with the rise of the oppressive Gilead regime, the chaotic Third American Civil War, an apocalyptic nuclear war, genocide in Britain, and the eventual total triumph of the Antichrist Damien Thorn.
    • The overthrow of Vivienne Rook when her concentration camps are exposed just allows Adam Susan to achieve total control of Britain and escalate the genocide further. V overthrowing him also just allows Thorn to annex the country.
    • After Samurai Jack overthrows Thorn in 3026, the democratic transitional government that is established ends up getting subverted and overthrown by Kang the Conqueror. This marks the beginning of a cycle where the descendants of humanity end up ruled by emperors ranging from the Trantor Imperium to House Atreides that ultimately culminate in the establishment of the Imperium of Man and, presumably, an age of Grim Dark total war.
  • Hero Killer: Damien Thorn kills Castiel during his conquest of the galaxy. He is later implied to have killed Erno Windt, Buck Rogers, Morpheus and Roj Blake after they led rebellions against him.
  • Historical Domain Character: While most figures in this timeline are fictional analogues, a few historical figures such as Thomas Jefferson, Indira Gandhi, Margaret Thatcher, Steve Bannon, Vince Cable and Jordan Peterson all exist.
  • Irony: The Antichrist ends up taking a leading role in the government of Gilead, a state of fanatical Christians.
  • In Spite of a Nail: Due to the fact much of real-life history is integral to fiction, despite changes dating back to the beginning of the universe, most historical events of major historical significance still occur more or less as they did in real life.
    • Despite having vampire slaveowners and time-travelling white supremacists helping them, the Confederacy still loses the Civil War.
    • Even though the War in the Air and the Mollusc invasion happened not too long ago, the First World War begins right on schedule. The same is true of the Second World War, which proceeds identically to the way it did historically despite the Ghostapo elements the Nazis had in their favor and the superhuman support the Allies had that worked against them.
    • The 9/11 terrorist attacks and the assassination of the Kennedy analog President Shea occur right on schedule and have similar impacts in the public consciousness to our own world despite major terrorist attacks and presidential assassinations being a LOT more common in this world than in our own.
    • Alien invasions that devastate or destroy major cities, supervillains attacking them, zombie outbreaks and other such catastrophes occur with regularity to the point that major cities realistically should be abandoned by now. Despite this, they still exist in an intact-enough state that they continue to face peril.
  • Killed Off for Real: In this universe Superman was actually permanently Killed in 1992
  • Mood Whiplash: Many entries in the timeline connect comedic works with ones that are entirely serious. For instance, the entry on Quentin Trembley goes from discussing his silly behavior in and out of office to a conspiracy by the vampiric Slave Power to depose him for abolitionist leanings and his war with Gilead.
  • No Celebrities Were Harmed: Many of the fictional presidents present are clearly stand-ins for historical ones and the same is true for the Prime Ministers. Outside of those...
    • Adenoid Hynkel replaces Adolf Hitler.
    • Quentin Trembley in 2020 becomes a more successful version of Mike Gravel, right down to having a pair of young people (the Pines Twins in his case) serving to gain a cult following on social media.
    • Damien Thorn by background seems very similar to Peter Thiel and is credited with founding Pay Pal. Interestingly, Thiel himself evidently exists in-universe as well.
    • Victor Petrov occupies the same role as Vladimir Putin as per the source material.
    • Matthew Brady is clearly meant to be William Jennings Bryan, as per the source material.
    • Etrigan serves a role in the 1992 presidential election pretty much identical to paleoconservative political commentator Pat Buchanan in real life, attempting to primary Jack Ryan and nearly succeeding.
    • Biff Tannen meanwhile ends up taking the role of Ross Perot in that election, helping contribute to the landslide victory of Jack Stanton.
    • Charles Foster Kane has a role similar to both William Randolph Hearst and Henry Ford (in that he supports fascism in the US).
    • Johnny Iselin, as per the source material, occupies the role of Joe Mc Carthy in the 1950's, though his discrediting is more politically catastrophic for the Republicans than in real life given Iselin's status as a foreign agent.
  • No Endor Holocaust: A few situations that would have major impacts on the world are depicted as being of little consequence.
  • Our Presidents Are Different: Pretty much every category is represented by at least one leader. There are often multiple examples that exist, especially of President Minority (Douglass Dilman, David Palmer and James Sawyer), President Evil (see below) and President Action (Jack Ryan, James Marshall and Marcus Robbins.
  • Politically Incorrect Villain: President Nehemiah Scudder and his allies in Gilead are violently racist, misogynistic and homophobic.
    • President Luthor comes to power on the back of an openly white supremacist campaign and plots to eliminate America's black population.
    • While President/Emperor Thorn is not as blatantly bigoted, he does appoint the resurrected TV comedian Adenoid Hynkel as his viceroy in Europe.
    • Meanwhile in Britain, People for Waldo, the Four-Star Party and Norsefire all qualify, stoking hatred towards immigrants, Muslims, LGBT people, nonwhite people, Oompa-Loompas and Jews. In Waldo's case it mainly is just immigration restriction and saber-rattling with the Muslim French President, Vivienne Rook escalates it to the estwhile sites and Adam Susan finally carries out a genocide dubbed the British Holocaust.
  • President Evil: Quite a few of these exist.
    • Buzz Windrip establishes a fascist regime that provokes two coups and a Second American Civil War to topple.
    • Alexander Luthor is an authoritarian racist who wins on a white supremacist platform and actively seeks to steal foreign oil and persecute black people. He also works with Hydra's Secret Empire to become dictator.
    • Kang of Rigel takes power by impersonating the Vice President-elect Eleanor Richmond and enslaves mankind before he is deposed by the Power Rangers.
    • Howard Ackerman is a downplayed case where he is a Japanese-built android who acts as an insane warhawk, but he does kill himself to avoid an apocalyptic war.
    • Charles Logan engages in numerous acts of corruption and warmongering to maintain his hold on power before finally being forced to resign from office.
    • Frank and Claire Underwood both qualify. The former offs his opponents, manipulates the 2016 election in his favor, implements the annual Purge Night and engages in various acts of corruption. Claire Underwood outdoes him in this regard, turning America into a police state after being rescued from Hydra and partnering with corrupt groups like The Bamberly Trust and WorryFree to maintain her hold on power. She uses Sentinels to put mutants in concentration camps and perpetrates the Bakersfield Massacre to maintain order. By 2020, she has to resort to blatantly rigging elections to prevent Nehemiah Scudder from defeating her, which only makes the Third American Civil War inevitable.
    • Nehemiah Scudder is even worse than his predecessor. He takes power in a coup against Underwood and declares the formation of the theocratic Republic of Gilead, which himself as the First Prophet. He uses the MASS program to make his genocide of various groups easier for his forces to perpetrate and implemented sex slavery for women in Gilead. His successor Winston Noble largely carries out his same preferred policies and it little more than his Puppet King.
    • Greg Stillson is similarly fundamentalist as Scudder but even more insane. Randall Flagg grants him access to an American doomsday device which he promptly uses to nuke the rest of the world even though he dies in the process.
    • Damien Thorn is the ultimate example of this trope, however, becoming a key figure in the Gilead regime with the goal of fulfilling his destiny as the Antichrist. He sets up a totalitarian empire that conquers and enslaves the entire Milky Way and rules for a thousand years of darkness before being beaten by a time-travelling samurai.
    • Jim Jaspers uses his Reality Warper powers to take over the British government, create the Ingsoc regime and trick Britain into thinking he had ruled for decades before he was defeated.
    • Francis Urquhart engages in murder, false-flag operations and general corruption to hold and maintain power, ruling the country as a strongman until his death. He is totalitarian enough that Lord Voldemort doesn't even place him under an Imperius.
    • Jocrassa Slitheen attempts to trigger a nuclear war for profit before being killed.
    • Harold Saxon is actually The Master in disguise, gases his cabinet, murders the American president-elect and took over the world. He was planning to go full Galactic Conqueror before the Doctor undid his regime from history.
    • Brian Green attempts to hand over many British children to be used as drugs by an alien race.
    • Waldo (really Jack Napier) restricted immigration and implemented a system of mob rule in Britain while Napier and his allies profited off government corruption. He also cut Britain's aid to anti-Gilead forces in the Third American Civil War.
    • Vivienne Rook came to power via an alliance with Norsefire and created an authoritarian police state that began genociding marginalized groups. When an uprising broke out against her rule, she was ousted but managed to avoid being held accountable by her successors, who wanted the same things she did.
    • Adam Susan fully makes Britain into a fascist police state and genocides minorities while becoming a puppet of Thorn.
  • Pyrrhic Victory: When the government of Waldo in the UK finally collapses, he is succeeded by a coalition between Norsefire and the Four-Star Party. Following Vivienne Rook's overthrow as Prime Minister, Adam Susan takes full control of the country and when he finally gets toppled Thorn annexes the UK fully.
  • Reality Ensues: The seemingly endless string of alien invasions and superpowered villain attacks that occur due to so many works of fiction being included leaves the world much more paranoid, xenophobic and authoritarian then our own, which paves the way for fascist regimes to take root in both the US and UK.
    • In this world, when the AWB time travels to help the Confederacy, they are up not just against the Union Army they faced in the source material, but Paul Bunyan personally fighting in the war and genuine divine intervention in the form of an ascended John Brown and Yankee Doodle/Saint Washington. The AK-47s they bring thus prove insufficient to the task of getting the Confederacy to triumph and the South still loses.
  • Reality Warper: Sir Jim Jaspers. It's how he is able to convince the people of Britain that his Ingsoc government has been in power for decades.
  • Super Team: In addition to the ones present in various sources that exist, a League of Extraordinary Gentlemen is formed by Trembley to fight Gilead. Its membership includes Buffy Summers, Abe Sapien, Sam Winchester, Matilda Wormwood, Jesse Pinkman, 'Old Man' Logan, Jimmy Neutron and Harry Dresden. It later expands to include Ra's Al Ghul,Rick Sanchez and Jane Hopper.
  • Take That!: Renesmee Cullen appears as a Charles Manson-esque cult leader, in league with the forces of Hell.
  • The Unmasqued World: The existence of metahumans and aliens is public knowledge in this universe-hard to hide it when they attack every other week, after all.

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