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Turt is a self-published web comic and book by every108minutes. It features anthropomorphic turtle-like creatures called turts who get into mis-misadventures. They are only identifiable by their hair. The book, Turt: Strips 1-30 can be found here.

The characters are:

  • Turt- a dog named dog, careless, fearless and likes cheese. Three hairs on top of his head.
  • Ted- friend of Turt's, likes getting into danger. Has brown, spiky hair.
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  • Tim- the straight man of the group, is pretty boring. Lies coffee. Has round, black hair.
  • Spy- a mysterious spy who shows up in one plot line and then disappears. Is completely covered in a black jumpsuit except for his yellow eyes.

Provides Examples of

  • Aborted Arc- Averted. A confrontation between Spy and Ted & Tim was a short story line. It was abandoned after a cliffhanger but then picked up later with a Author Avatar (see below).
  • A Dog Named "Dog"- Turt. The species is called turts.
  • Author Avatar- the author is seen talking to himself about continuing a abandoned arc.

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