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When I was very young, I started getting terrible nightmares. [...] My father never told me that there were no monsters under my bed. "My brave little Kat," he said to me— "whenever you have a nightmare, just remember: your dreams are your kingdom. Nothing there can hurt you, if you can be strong enough not to let it. Do you understand?"

Katerina's father has always been a bit strange. When he falls into a coma from which nobody can rouse him, she winds up dragged after him into the intangible world of dreams— only to find that 'a bit strange' doesn't even begin to cover it.


Sleep is a fairly new webcomic following the adventures of twelve-year-old Katerina Selby as she tries to rescue her father from the dreamworld, all the while being manipulated by a group of mysterious revolutionaries that have kidnapped her for as-of-yet unknown reasons. It updates on Tuesdays and Thursdays with one or two colored pages; start from the beginning here.

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