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Skewed reality Is a Webcomic based loosely off of the author's life, Various fictional characters he has previously created, And that stuff you dream about after you drink a mixture of Coffee, Cold Medicine, And Whiskey and woke up shirtless on your neighbor's rooftop. Only with more zombies, Scottish hitmen falling in love with Camp Gay Albinos, Frequent art shifts, Platypus Revolutionaries, And Weird filler comics.


The comic was rebooted in 2008, And the archive for the original, Much weirder and less focused comic will be linked to here, When It can be.

Wicked Hatter, The artist, Had troubles with the comic over the course of 2008 and 2009, Resulting in One reboot(discontinued), One semi-new comic featuring characters from Skewed Reality(Also discontinued), One completely new comic(Yet again discontinued) And a return to the reboot, Which was abandoned without warning or explanation in May 2009.


This Webcomic provides examples of:


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