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In the country of Aelmidde, there is no magic, but one—the dreamer. Born to a random family every generation, the dreamer sees the future. Once they are discovered, they are taken in by the royal family, lavished with every luxury, given everything they could ever need. In return, they dream for the king.

The story starts with Melissa, a soldier guarding the young dreamer, foiling an assassination plot by one of her comrades, who claimed a military coup against the king was going to use the dreamer to take over the country. Melissa disagrees with his methods, but begins to believe in his conspiracy, and due to some poorly thought-out speeches, ends up declared medically insane and sent to an asylum. She escapes when the guards aren't paying attention.


A few years later, Melissa (near-feral after her time living alone in the woods) is friends with a womanizing bard named Felix. Felix is approached by a large Southerner, who requests they both help him escort a young girl to a temple in the desert. The girl, it turns out, is the dreamer, and she saw a vision of the four of them at the temple in the desert, saving the kingdom.

It can be found here. Updates Wednesdays and Saturdays.


Provides examples of:

  • Chivalrous Pervert: Felix is definitely friendly with the ladies, but he is never forceful. He actually turns Mel down once, thought that might have less to do with chivalry and more to do with fear.
  • Creepy Child: When Ellie is woken up prematurely, she remains in her prophecy trance, and speaks entirely in creepy, cryptic symbolism.
  • Dreaming of Things to Come: The dreamer's entire purpose. It's implied she can control it to a point, though it's not clear to what extent.
  • Poisonous Friend:
    • Miller, Melissa's best friend in the army, carefully encouraged her to make a fool of herself and then turned her in to the police in order to advance his own career. When she shows up with the dreamer, though, he apparently realizes he made a mistake, and slips Felix the keys to the cuffs.
    • The head general of the king's army, who is also his best friend, is behind the plot to take over his country.
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  • Prophecy Twist: Only to be expected. Ellie's prophecies can be prevented with direct intervention, such as when they stopped a barn from burning down. It turns out that she made up the entire thing about saving the kingdom. She had a vision that she would be safe with three specific people in the desert, and invented the temple to convince them it was a good idea.
  • Scary Black Man: Leo, Ellie's bodyguard. While he does use it for intimidation purposes sometimes, more often than not it's an annoyance, since it makes him easy to recognize.