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Mini Chibis is an online web comic, created by Sam Carpenter, featuring a technologically advanced species known as Mini Chibis.

The plot revolves around a Five-Man Band made of Sam, his brother Ethan, their Mad Scientist friend Neil, Sam's pet demon Darken, and a demon hunter named Jack. In numerous comics released on the website (, the gang is making humorous puns, cracking comical jokes, or going on an adventure to solve a predicament, countless of which are triggered by Neil's failed inventions.


The original comic was created in 2007, when the Mini Chibi was first a concept. It expanded to the web and debuted on on August 27, 2012.Many characters and their interests were inspired by some of Sam's childhood friends and family members. For instance, Neil was one of Sam's friends throughout middle school and portions of elementary school, and had a deep passion for science and medicine. In addition, Ethan is Sam's elder brother in the comic and reality.

The comic is currently on Comic Fury , and has numerous views. The link to the page can be found here

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Mini Chibis contains examples of:

  • Actually Pretty Funny: The whole comic in a nutshell!
  • Back to School: See Mini Chibis is back! (To school)
  • Characters: Sam, Ethan, Neil, Darken, and Jack are the featured figures in the webcomic, each receiving their own appearance every few comics.
  • Epic Fail: Every one of Neil's experiments.
    • Not necessarily a D.I.Y. Disaster due to his experiments functioning as they should, yet functioning too well.
  • Harmless Villain: Darken, though coming on as a rather physically adept type, is unable to follow through with threats due to entirely perceived strength. For example, after Neil created and marketed Darken Plush Toys, Darken himself nearly attacked Neil, yet was restrained by literal Couch Potatoes.
  • Pun: Commonly, the final panel of each comic consists of a literal depiction of a play on words.
  • Punchline: Due to the webcomic being entirely centralized upon the basis of comedy, the punchline is the most critical portion of the dialogue. Such an example of this trope can be found in the comic One Panel


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