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Geek humor, in a pink world.

Kimonos Townhouse is a My Little Pony webcomic which uses G3 toys as models, though this doesn't mean it's bad. The whole webcomic series is a huge reference towards Geek-Related media (Gee Whiz!) and pretty much active since it first debuted in 2006.

Kimono Vale is better than you. She's beautiful, intelligent and cultured. A career student in Asian Studies, she maintains a perfect GPA at Ponyville University. Kimono thinks the main problem with Ponyville is that it's full of ponies. This is why she jumped at the chance to live in a gorgeous, three-story townhouse in the suburbs. She takes in a roommate to offset the costs of her mortgage, and as a result, she ends up living with Minty Bobbins, a hyperactive, loud and geeky pony, who collects socks.

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