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Get Medieval is a Webcomic about a group of Human Aliens - anthropology student Asher Hane, his former mob boss father, Torquel Hane, Torquel's current wife Iroth Rousel, his accountant Neithe Wen, and Iroth's bodyguard, Oneder - landing on Earth in 14th century France for what should've been a quick refueling stop. When their ship is attacked by natives (in this case French knights and soldiers) who seemingly take down Oneder, Torquel panics and takes off in their ship (only to make a forced landing and be captured by Muslim holy warriors), leaving the others stranded and forced to make their own way. Most of the comic focuses on Asher and Neithe, with Neithe trying to make the best of the situation and Asher determined to find a way off this "backwater planet", eventually settling with Sir Gerard, a French nobleman, and his family.


After concluding the story, the artist, Irony-Chan, added a commentary rerun, eventually going through the entire series again. For those who need yet more of a fix after that, Irony had two false starts on a new webcomic (Dumnestor's Heroes and Knowledge Is Power) but has settled into a consistent pace with the ongoing Interstellar Tea House.

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