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Known on the artist's personal website that hosts it as "Not necessarily the worst internet comics ever made" and "The Astoundingly Pointless Existences of Captain Crumbum and the Dork Brigade". Which is it? That's a very good question, the answer to which seems to be - going by the artist's artistic stylings - that the comic and the site that hosts it have no "true" or "official" name. If it does, the artist "bimshwel" tends to stay in-character to a fault, making it unlikely if not impossible to get a real answer. Not a Tropeless Tale, but one which apparently has literally no (confirmable) name.


The creator in question is bimshwel, a cartoonist whose "gimmick" is having no logic that cannot be subverted even if there is no reason or even excuse to do so, and therin lies the hidden talent...

Andrew Hussie goes Beyond the Impossible in complexity as Homestuck continued on. Lionel Suggs goes Beyond the Impossible with both Power Levels and Super Weight (despite the difference between the two being meant to avoid just that) by doing things like adding "layers" to the Suggsverse on top of each other endlessly. Nobilis 3e goes Beyond the Impossible using nothing but a well-defined setting left up to the devices of Physical Gods that at the most basic level derive power from Player Appeal, Rule of Fun and Rule of Cool.

bimshwel, however, will likely never be outdone in sheer defiance of the typical barriers between logic and nonsense (at least outside Japan), taking the typical expectations and subverting them in the way you would never expect, if not outright ignoring typical conventions of both reality and fiction. Nobody can be 100% original, but you certainly can't say "bimshwel" doesn't try to come close...


Aside from this, while the miscellaneous artwork of the artist is a series of images ostensibly from the same continuity as the comic this page is for but otherwise random, the comic itself does have a continuity of sorts even if the weirdness is so overpowering that it crosses back into feeling normal for the setting. Said continuity has tropes, but in typical fashion of the artist, said tropes seem to be depicted halfway between two or more of the typical categories of Playing With Tropes, partially due to the sheer strangeness of the setting. A basic list is below...

Needs Wiki Magic Love.


Tropes featured in the webcomic this page is for...