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Webcomic / A Luta Contra os Fentisseiros

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Two lesbians, an old man, a God and an alligator... ...

"The real strength comes from the heart!!"

A Luta Contra os Fentisseiros ("The Fight Against the Manginsians" [Yeah it's a typo]) is a Brazillian Web Comic. It was one of many comics that the author used to make as a child, one day he found this comic that only had half of a page made, then she decided to continue it abusing the shonen genre in a World of Ham where even a single move is made over the top.It start off with a prologue with two mortal enemies, Cara (Dude) and Fentisseiro (Mangisian[Magician, in case you couldn't tell]) are facing each other, Fentisseiro seems to have the advantage thanks to an Artifact of Doom, but Cara manages to win the fight because he knows that the true power lies within the heart.Then the story cuts to a timeskip of 50 years and we're introduced to two new characters, Guria (Gal/Broad) and Mulher (Woman) and then the story follow short arcs:


  • Fentisseiro's Arc: 50 years later Fentisseiro ascended to a God thanks to the Artifact of Doom, however he's being hunted by Guria who's a mercenary under cover who uses an alligator as a weapon that's been following his trail for 10 years, she fights against his clone that kidnapped Mulher to his space castle, after the fight she gets overpowered by the real Fentisseiro but she's saved by Cara, now a tough old man who's trying to warn Fentisseiro that he's got no chance against Guria because he still don't know where the true power comes from, he gets his ass kicked by Cara and Guria.

  • Vilão's Arc: Guria and Mulher are now living together and they became a couple, some of Guria's power's been carrying over to Mulher because of their contact, Guria decides to go to Jaboatão dos Guararapes to get her payment for stopping the Fentisseiro, but before that they're attacked by a grunt who's been sent by Vilão (Villain) who's been exiled in Mangaratiba by one of the three Gods who created the Artifact of Doom thanks to the Fentisseiro who used to be his partner, now he seeks revenge to get him out of the position of God of Earth and take it for himself.

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  • Tournament Arc: Guria enters in a coma thanks to her fight against Vilão but quickly recovers from it, however she's lost her powers. Then Cara is threated by his dead wife's father to enter the same tournment he made 50 years ago that resulted in the death of his daughter, otherwise he would drop the sun into the city. Cara makes Guria and Mulher accompany him because the plot would go wherever he goes, Fentisseiro joins them with the hope of finding in them the answer to what the true power is. However this tournment is also a scheme by the three Gods to kill the lasts mercenaries alive.

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