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Web Animation / Twick or Tweety

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Twick or Tweety is a webtoon from Looney Tunes that stars Sylvester Cat And Tweety Bird.

Contains examples of:

  • The Bad Guy Wins: Sylvester ate Tweety.
  • Brain Food: Hilariously lampshaded by a Tweety zombie.
    "If I want brains, why am I after the puddy tat?"
  • Gainax Ending: Once Sylvester woke up and took a sip of elixir from Witch Hazel, he became Tweety Bird.
  • Halloween Episode: The cartoon takes place in Halloween night.
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  • Hypnotic Eyes: As Vampire Tweety plans to drink Sylvester's blood, he uses these.
  • Nightmare Sequence: There are three nightmare sequences in the toon after Sylvester eats Tweety.
  • Not So Weak: Sylvester underestimated the mummified Tweety in his third nightmare.
  • Plot Twist: Sylvester finally ate Tweety Bird.
  • Tempting Fate: Sylvester threatens to the mummy Tweety that he will go from the sarcophagus into Sylvester's esophagus. It didn't work out.

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