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Web Animation / The Struggle for the World

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Talk about a step up from a million dollars...

The President of The World hosts a show with 20 contestants competing for a prize. What is the prize you may ask? Oh, nothing, just the entire Earth to rule. That's all.

The Struggle For The World is an animatic object show created by yoitszeph on 19 April 2015.

Who will win? Who will rule the world? Tune to this playlist to find out.

The show contains the following tropes:

  • Anthropomorphic Food: Let's see, we have Blueberries, LOLipop, Lollipop, Stafy, Soda and last but not least, Kawaii Coconut.
  • Armless Biped: A healthy amount for an object show.note 
  • Art Evolution: The quality of the show went up tremendously as evidence by the transition to a hand-drawn and aesthetically pleasing artstyle.
  • Audience Participation: The viewers decide on which of the twenty contestants would get the boot and/or receive a prize.