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'The Squishables'' is a series about was originally about a group of characters that lived in one, small house and either occasionally saved the day for some people or do some pretty exciting activities that were related to holidays or special days, along with school events and special days exclusive to the creator's school. However, one of those characters was in charge, and wasn't a nice squishable either. The characters were basically random blobs with eyes and a mouth. Some also had noses while others didn't. However, the majority of them lack legs, and they only had arms occasionally. Any character like that is considered a squishable. Some had noses while o The series was created by Nathanael Cameron (also known as "Mr Contesty," "Leroycam," "Nathanael 29," "Nat 29," and more) on October 6, 2009, and he originally made the series on an animation program called Artoonix. However, starting from Season 2, he began using Flash to create the cartoons instead. And while future seasons were still about groups of characters, most of them were students in a school with one teacher who was typically mean. Episodes were about the students and teachers wearing certain things in honor of a special day or doing something or some things in honor of a special day. Beginning from Season 5, the characters arms were always present. All of the characters that were part of The Squishables had a text-to-speech voice to save time and to allow for more episodes to be completed. Season 2 and Season 5 introduced new groups of squishables. There are usually nine main characters in each season, although there were 11 main charcters in Season 6, but soon changed to ten characters. Future seasons will include at least ten main characters instead of nine. Also, in the beginning of most of the seasons, two students will be left back, although in the beginning of Season 6, only one student got left back and another one switched to another class.


  • Apathetic Teacher: Lubch and Stoico. Thaud and Extop used to be apathetic teachers too, but they became nicer in later seasons.
  • Book Dumb: Gampi could qualify since he doesn't really do a lot of his work and is more concerned about his Tougham (his game console that's similar to a DS) and video games.
  • Curse Cut Short: In the Season 2 episode New York State Testing Program Part 1, when Err found out that she'll end up in summer school if she didn't pass the test, she responded, "what the he—" before Lubch made sure she didn't curse, and Err lied to him that she didn't say anything.
  • Graduation for Everyone: Every student graduates in Season 4, although the episode that shows that isn't out yet.
  • Held Back in School: Grate and Explosve in Season 2, Skippy and Beja in Season 3, and Tane in Season 5.
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  • High School: Season 5 and Season 6's setting is in a high school.
  • No Dress Code: Squishables don't usually wear clothing, but they aren't nude at the same time. They only wear shirts or things like that if a special day recommends that they do.
  • Ordinary High-School Student: Pretty much every student in Season 5, although in Season 6, some characters got new personalities, so some of them weren't so ordinary anymore.
  • Picture Day: In Season 3, one of the episodes are about Picture Day.
  • School Play: In the only Season 4 short entitled Fiddler on the Roof, Lubch finds out that Opex is part of the school play.
  • Teacher's Pet: Cee in Season 2, Season 3, and Season 4. However, he has at least one classmate that doesn't despise him named Beja, and sometimes he treated just like everyone else.

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