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Web Animation / The Royal Mallard

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The Royal Mallard is a webtoon series from Looney Tunes that features various characters at or near the Royal Mallard hotel.

Contains examples of:

  • 30 Minutes, or It's Free!: Porky's Palace policy for delivering pizza. Daffy does whatever it takes to make sure he gets it for free.
  • Early-Bird Cameo: A literal example. Foghorn Leghorn appears in the first episode before he gets the spotlight in the next episode.
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  • Gonna Fly Now Montage: Daffy Duck worked out in the Gazebo-3000 in a short montage.
  • Shout-Out: In the first episode, Porky attempts to get to Penthouse Number Five using a stairway labelled as going to all levels. The stairway turns out to be based off the famous Relativity painting by M. C. Escher
  • Sleek High Rise Apartment: Penthouse Number Five, where Daffy lives.

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