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Web Animation / The Junkyard Run

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The Junkyard Run is a trilogy of webtoons from Looney Tunes that features Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck, Porky Pig, Sylvester Cat, Yosemite Sam and the Tasmanian Devil as they race as a part of the Burbank To Vegas Desert Rally to win the coveted golden anvil.

Contains examples of:

  • Fridge Logic: An In-Universe example. "If we are up here, I wonder who won the race down there."
  • Multiple Endings: The second cartoon had two endings.
    • In a Shout-Out to Thelma & Louise, Porky tells Sylvester that he ate the last can of sardines as they fell into the pit.
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    • Porky and Sylvester change their car into a helicopter, leaving Bugs and Daffy behind.
  • Three-Act Structure: The series consists of three webtoons.
  • Twist Ending: Bugs and Daffy get sent to a UFO, where two aliens win the trophy at Vegas.

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