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The Dan Young Animated Show is a show that's somewhat known for it's negative reviews. It was created by... Dan Young. The show ran for 7 episodes:

Episode 1: "Doodles of Comedy" - A man throws a baby into a pit of lava and kills the baby's father, and this is played for laughs.

Episode 2: "Satan Wants Your SOUL!!" - Satan wants to steal the soul of a man who walked by... Hilarity Ensues.

Episode 3: "Funny Video" - A ripoff of Ren Seeks Help.


Episode 4: "Itz Shorter... Darn" - The shortest episode of the show, lasting 6 seconds.

Episode 5: "A Really Pretty Stick Animation" - Exactly What It Says on the Tin

Episode 6: "Other Places..." - An ad for Dan Young's DeviantArt profile. I am not making this up.

Episode 7: "Awesomeness" - A ripoff of "Funny Video".

It was later uncancelled in mid-September of 2014:

Episode 8: "Haterz Seek Help" - A direct copy of Ren Seeks Help

Episode 9: "Help Zeekz Haterz" - An edited version of "Haterz Seek Help".

Episode 10: "Hurre I Come" - A direct copy of the "Constantinople" music video

Episode 11: "Cheez!" - A blank screen with "A Picture of Cheez" using Deathking's song also used in episodes 5 and 13

Episode 12: (Nameless) - A direct copy of Mr. Enter's Seahorse Seashell Party Review

Episode 13: "Awsum" - Mr. Enter's Seahorse Seashell Party review with filters, noises, and less graphics.


His show was taken down September 23, 2014 for multiple copyright claims from Jakeanderson 733 and Deathking/Coolioking. The Pilot Episode and Episode 2 (smaller, but still) is on Jakeanderson 733's channel, Episodes 3 and 7 are on Goanimate, Episode 5 is partially lost (the footage and song remain on Deathking's channel), Episode 10 and 12 are stolen videos, and Episodes 4, 6, 8, 9, 11, and 13 are lost completely.


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