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Web Animation / The Birds Are Working

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Dizazter and Cage.

The Birds Are Working or TBAW, as it is known, is the inaugural animated series of Run To the Battle Productions. this series lasted one episode before being cancelled by the team. The voice cast was assembled via crowd sourcing and contains friends of the team.

In a world of sentient canines, there is a mysterious prison. One day a number of enterprising inmates stage an escape. The ruthless warden and their henchmen pursue the escaped prisoners.

All of it can be watched on Youtube.

It has a critically acclaimed and much more ambitious Spiritual Successor in Audience!.


  • Furry Fandom: The entire production team. Also, many of the characters and background extras are fursonas and OC's
  • Great Escape: The show's whole premise was a prison break.
  • Mad Scientist Laboratory: The prison is engaged in unethical research on its captives.


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