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Pony & Boy is an animated short about an unnamed boy and his pony.

It's an intentionally screwy short that starts with the boy getting a horse with an abnormally long tongue. He loves his horse and loves spending time with him.

"Let Me Tell You A Story" is a full version of the song heard at the end of the short Pony & Boy. It also explains the plot better than the short itself.

Pony & Boy provides examples of:


  • Informed Species: The humans barely resemble humans and the pony doesn't look much like a pony, but special mention goes to the peaches. They're orange circles that aren't very peachy seeming at all.
  • Missing Mom: The boy lives with his dad and grandmother, but no mother.
  • No Name Given: No character is named.
  • Surprise Creepy: It has an Adventure Time-like art design, but then there's creepy scenes like the nightmare sequence of the boy taking out his pony's heart. The short ends on an ominous note with the boy being sacrificed to something by the pony.
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  • Would Hurt a Child: An angry man beats up the boy just because he thinks the boy is insulting him.

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