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A Web Animation designed as a Homage (or rather a Parody) of the whole Shōnen genre, created by Mexican Daniel Cha (alias CxHxA), who doubles as sole animator, script writer and main Voice Actor.

The story revolves around a 15-year old boy named Kunashgi,who lives in an island (that later is revealed to be a peninsula) with an old man named Tecojobichi. Amusingly the boy hasn't asked his own name, or the one of his guardian, up to now, and after asking he's told that the "Great Day" has come. After some Training from Hell, he's told to go to a championship and meets some particular people on the way.


Sorry English-speakers, it's only in Spanish right nownote , and only the first 5 episodes have English subtitles.

The entire series can be watched here

The character list:

  • Kunashgi, the main character
  • Tecojobichi-sensei, the Old Master and guardian of Kunashgi
  • The Chupamons, Expies of Pokemons (see below)
  • Noriko, Action Girl and unwilling Ms. Fanservice
  • Rysutakai, thief, vandal, and The Rival of Kunashgi
  • KAKUN, Rysutakai's funny sidekick


This show provides examples of:

  • Ambiguously Gay: KAKUN seems to be very smitten with Rysutakai. Also, when Kunashgi invites him to check the hole (as in, to peep girls in the bathroom), KAKUN misunderstands he's talking about his anus and is surprisingly eager about it.
  • Animesque: The style of drawing is simpler than anime, but as fun as the original.
  • Call to Adventure: The most blatantly lame one ever, maybe. Quoting Tecojobichi: "I already signed you up for the tournament, so you're screwed".
  • Catapult Nightmare: Kunashgi while remembering the story of his origins he was told the last chapter.
  • Catchphrase: "¡Lo logré, de veras lo logré!" (English approximation: "I did it! Believe it, I did it!")
  • Cluster F-Bomb: Kunashgi, when he couldn't get the grip on walking over trees - more exactly, he couldn't brake.
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  • Cross-Popping Veins and Sweat Drop: Of course!
  • Curse Cut Short: Noriko has to write down every curse she happens to say in a notebook, so she usually resorts to this to prevent it.
  • Double Entendre: Too many to count. Including the Spanish meaning of Tecojobichi's namenote .
  • Dangerous Fifteenth Birthday: Parodied. Since nearly all Shōnen starts with this, the creator decided to have teen Kunashgi start 15 years old.
  • Expy: Some, of course, this being a parody:
    • The Chupamons (in English they would be "Suckamons") as Expies of Pokemons. The origin of their name comes from their earlier deep relationship with humans.
    • The articles used to catch the Chupamons are named Millenial Sex Articles. No, I'm not making this one up. Complete with either phallic or feminine traits.
  • Fetch Quest: Poor Kunashgi must travel all around the island... er, peninsula in order to get one ridiculous item after another, just to get mushrooms to heal himself. While bleeding. Because his master beat him with a surprise attack.
  • Funbag Airbag: Noriko on Kunashgi, after he "accidentally" slips off.
  • Fun with Acronyms: Kunashgi = GoKU + NAruto + ASH + YuGI. It even goes as far as showing Tecojobichi thinking about it (he thought the name, after all).
    • And of course, the logo. PoGonYuTo = POkemon + DraGONball + YUgioh + NaruTO.
    • Is never stated, but his rival also follows it. Rysutakai= gaRY + saSUke + vegeTA + KAIba.
  • Insistent Terminology: "¡No Teco! ¡No Tecojo! ¡Tecojobichi-sensei para ti!" ("I'm not Fuck! Or Fuckyou! It's Fuckyoubitch-sensei for you!")
    • Also on the Millenial Sex Article: "¡No del año! ¡No del siglo! ¡DEL MILENIO!" (Tr. "Not yearly! Not centurial! MILLENIAL!!!")
  • Kamehame Hadoken: The unoriginally named Tecotecoha.
  • Ki Attacks: Or as Tecojobichi puts it, "Ki, Chakra, or whatever other stupid name you think about. Personally I name it Chi". Which is a nuisance for poor Kunashgi (see Weaksauce Weakness).
  • Mr. Seahorse: After Kunashgi's fight with Picoyo, it turns out that the latter's laser attack got Kunashgi pregnant. The poor boy is understably grossed out and demands to abort the baby or make Picoyo get rid of him. Unfortunately, the baby has already developed (in 5 mInutes, no less!), forcing Kunashgi to give expulsing an egg from his urethra.
  • Ms. Fanservice: Poor Noriko seems to be slapped in the series just for that.
  • Not Safe for Work: And how.
  • Overly Long Name: KAKUN's actually the initials of Kitsuki Asobot Kineki Ushkito Naitero.
  • Panty Shot: Kunashgi "accidentally" slides under Noriko, confirming the above theory.
  • Shout-Out: C'mon, THE WHOLE SERIES is made of those.
  • The Rival: Rysutakai. Guess where his name comes from.
  • Tournament Arc: The reason Kunashgi had to get out of his home island - er, peninsula.
  • Special Guest: None other than Bill Cosby. Explaining what a Pokémon is... in the wrong show.
    • And Link. Don't know where to start with him.
  • Weaksauce Weakness: Every time somebody says the syllable "Chi", Kunashgi suffers a Potty Failure.


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