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Web Animation / Of Weasels and Chickens

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The YouTube icon for Episode Three: "Tough Cluck", displaying the hand-drawn title slide and a screen cap of Prima the weasel flaunting a top hat.
Of Weasels and Chickens: A Musical Anecstoat (referred to as Of Weasels and Chickens or simply OWAC) is a stop-motion animated YouTube musical webseries about talking animals in a futuristic world. It was created by April Lee and is posted on their YouTube channel [1]. The story follows Marcus, a young short-tailed weasel, after he is exiled from the Haven, a compound built by and inhabited by small woodland animals. Some other characters are Prima, a psychotic weasel from the forest, Floorf (alternatively spelled Florf) Peepenstock, a rooster and the founder of the Haven, and Raine, a human girl who owns a nearby henhouse.The description for Episode One, "Haven or Hell", reads as follows: "In the Haven, a compound built by and inhabited by small woodland animals, Marcus the weasel is treated like an outsider." Three other episodes have been released: "Fo(the)rest of Your Life", "Tough Cluck", and "An In-hen-se Love", as well as a reel of bloopers from Episodes One and Two.

Of Weasels and Chickens contains examples of:

  • Artistic License:
    • Many of the animals don't look scientifically accurate. Though, this is perhaps because the story is set hundreds of years in the future.
    • Although short-tailed weasels are commonly referred to as stoats, they are rarely called stoats in the musical.
  • Ambiguous Gender: Prima, although she uses female pronouns. According to Word of God, however, these animals probably didn't think a lot about gender identity; Prima is biologically female but "any pronouns are fine". (Later, however, human!Prima was canonically said to be genderfluid).