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Black Ninjas

"If I water you, you'll become a Lyrical Tree, haha."
Kakashi, Episode 4.

Ninjas In Da Hood- Created by Dahoodninjas.

A different twist abridged on the anime Naruto created by maddogg91 and his skype friends. It features White Fox as Naruto, the only White person living in the Hood Hidden in the Leaves. maddogg91 as Sasuke, an ego maniacal ninja who constantly has to remind everyone that he is a lyrical genius and untouchable by those of lower ranking. Princezsupastar as Sakura, the girl in love with Sasuke and the girl Naruto wants more than anyone else.

Maddogg 91 is also the writer and writes his own fiction.

There are currently 4 episodes.

Episode 1: Imma Hood Ninja-Naruto steals a scroll to build respect with the village but doesn't realize that Mizuki is only using him for his selfish goals to be on MTV Cribs.

Episode 2: Ninja Moments-Naruto encounters his first ninja moment between Konohamaru and Ebisu.


Episode 3: Sakura and the Lyrical Genius-Iruka assigns the rookie ninjas to teams. Naruto is teamed up with the girl he's crushing on and the guy she's crushing on.

Episode 4: Once upon a Naruto.-Team 7 explains to Kakashi what happens during the bell test.

Episode 5: Ninjas Out Da Hood-Team 7 gets a mission to guard a very important drunk guy.

Christmas Special-Sasuke has a fucked up xmas.

Other Characters to this date:

Maddogg 91- Sasuke, Shikamaru, Kiba, Itachi, 3rd Hokage (Episode 5), Bubba, Zabuza, Kankuro

Chronos Raikou- Formerly Sakura and Kakashi

Princezsupastar- Sakura

Tsurugikage- Iruka

Tha Skizz- 3rd Hokage (Episode 1-4)

Mid1riko- Ino, Hinata

Dibble- Shino

Beheader 205- Ebisu

Toushirou Hitsugaya- Konohamaru, Chouji.

Dbz Freak- Kakashi (Episode 4).

Qathryn_Lilith- Sasuke's Mom

Black_Hulk- Sasuke's Dad


Munjeej- Temari

Terra_corrupt- Tazuna

Royal Waffle- Dale

This work provides examples of:

  • Berserk Button- Telling Sasuke he's not a Lyrical Genius sent him into a rage to charge at Kakashi...but the attack failed.

  • Big Eater- Choji carrys a indecent amount of food with him at all times and eats it.

  • Blah, Blah, Blah- During Sasuke's Flashback, Sakura attempts to talk to Sasuke but all he can hear is Blah's and the last things she says.

  • Catchphrase- Sasuke says Lyrical Genius constantly.

  • Gag Dub- Every Abridged Series.

  • Homage- I'll give the two biggest examples, Boondocks (Nigga Moments) and Ed Edd N Eddy's (Once upon an Ed). Also Choji is a homage to Cleveland Jr from the Cleveland Show.

  • Jerkass- In a way Sasuke and to some extent the Third Hokage are Jerkasses.

  • My Friends... and Zoidberg- Everyone treats Naruto like Zoidberg...

  • Ninja- Everyone one is a ninja...except Naruto because the word Ninja was swapped for the N-word for comedic purposes.

  • Overused Running Gag- Sasuke uses his catchphrase "Lyrical Genius" every chance he gets. In Naruto's flashback in Episode 4 he parodies Sasuke by saying his catchphrase, even times when it wouldn't make sense. At one point Sasuke tried to call Naruto out on it saying he doesn't even talk like that.

  • Pretty Flyforawhiteguy- Naruto attempts to use slang and sound like a Black guy. Also technically this fits with the entire village since they are originally white but since they were altered it may not fit.

  • Race Lift- Everyone in Konoha is black, except Naruto and the 4th.

  • Record Needle Scratch- In the Trailer for Ninjas in Da Hood, Naruto says the N-word (Ninja) and the record scratches as a gun shot goes off and the record continues.

  • Reference Overdosed- Pretty much any abridged series.

  • Running Gag- Shikamaru's smoking addiction, Sasuke's catchphrase.

  • Shout-Out- Alot of these.
  • The Abridged Series- It's a different styled abridged series but it's pretty much the same as the others.

  • The Other Darrin- Ninjas In Da Hood has had several voice actor changes, the only ones who remained constant are Naruto, 3rd Hokage, Sasuke, Iruka, Shikamaru, Kiba, Mizuki...but let's not jynx it.

  • The Unintelligible- Apparently Ebisu was hard to understand but luckily they provided subtitles for him.