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Mundo Ultimate News Cp is a web series created by Henrique Martins. It's considered a fanfiction of the Club Penguin franchise, although much of its plot is completely original, thanks to the series' multiverse.

The web series especially differs from the delicacy of children's games that fanfic is based on, and is aimed at over 15 years old, by the presence of serious issues, political discussions, sex scenes and explicit violence.

It is hosted on the YouTube, having its first episode released on January 9, 2018. But before that, certain characters like Zackylinn, Zackeline and Craziverse have existed since 2015, by the same creator, on the facebook page of Ultimate News Cp.

It can be watched here, currently in Portuguese and Spanish.

The story of the series takes place in multiverse No. 15775. In addition to the traditional parallel universes based on Club Penguin games, there is also an older, real-life inspired sister universe, however, as it is older, the city of Icetown located in Earth is in the year 2090. Where many things have happened since the beginning of the new world order, and pinguinity is testing the most advanced intelligent and environmentally sustainable city ever made.


Meanwhile in the universes of Club Penguin, the powerful book Island Codex in Club Penguin Island has the secrets of its creation revealed. This timeless book is part of a plan to connect the entire timeline of Club Penguin's derived universes.

Mundo Ultimate News Cp provides examples of:

  • A Long Time Ago, in a Galaxy Far Far Away...: The multiverse No. 15775 in which the series occurs is not our multiverse. It is actually one of the almost infinite multiverses within the megaverse. As explained by the Universaal entity, Archareo.
  • Automated Automobiles: All Icetown cars are autonomous and called Magnetrams. They run by magnetic levitation on the cyberway.
  • Author Avatar: The series creator Club Penguin penguin account appears as Easter Egg in some episodes.
  • Back Story: It often happens as a process of character development.
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  • Benevolent A.I.: Technically, the A.D.H.I.S (the artificial general intelligence that administers Icetown) is neither self-conscious nor sentient. Which results in their decisions purely logical or based on a comparison of benefits to disadvantages, which makes it perhaps benevolent.
  • Beeping Computers: Sound effects are often used when characters are using computers.
  • Continuation Fic: Since Club Penguin Island was canceled by Disney, many of the game's future plans have been dropped. The series shows the game's universe after the shutdown, with new elements and characters on the island, as it didn't happen outside of real life.
  • Dark Fic: Club Penguin characters and mythology are reinterpreted from a dark and mature perspective, but respecting pre-established facts from the original games.
  • Elsewhere Fic: Basically 90% of the series consists of original characters.
  • Elaborate Underground Base: The Underground Workstation, also called by the characters "Cybercommunication Hubs", is a large and extensive earthscraper located below the surface of Icetown, where employees work in comfortable, ultra-modern offices. The power of industry and the market is completely connected in these structures, reserving the surface part, only residential buildings and some establishments such as restaurants for the part of the population that is not yet 21 years old to work for the machine-based economy.
  • Evil Wears Black: Completely inverted, or mocked. The ideology prevailing in the advocates of the Liberal-Autonomous political system in Icetown, basically the libertarians, is that Manichaeism, as well as the social construction that certain things are blindly evil.etc must be deconstructed as part of an inevitable progress. So almost every Underground Workstation employee wears black to gray and silver anatomical clothing, a design style officially called Steel Noir.
    • Steel Noir represents the grandeur and sovereignty of technology and wealth, philosophically deconstructing the values that it is a bad thing, and that the ideal of life is to be simple, converting to a new enhancement of ambition, provided that altruistic attitudes are still present.
  • Everything Is Online: At the time of the Penguinworld dimension, physical data storage became obsolete. All computers, mobile devices and wearables no longer have processors, but instead function through subatomic scale components. The information on everything that appears on the screen comes from the processing of a supercomputer.
  • Everything Is An Ipod In The Future: The neo-futuristic concept is greatly followed in the series. Nanotechnology has made everything very thin, minimalist and beautiful. No physical buttons are seen in 2090.
  • Free-Love Future: Icetown's futuristic civilization is mostly bisexual. Heteronormativity was broken after consecutive and accelerated advances in genetic engineering and sexual reassignment surgeries.
  • Futuristic Superhighway: The cyberway suspended roads at altitudes that go down and up between 500 and 900 meters.
    • They count with an intelligent system that converts the generated kinetic energy to the city's wireless electrical current.
  • Future Spandex: Icetown's nanotech clothing is printed at home through printers. They are completely anatomical, hydrophobic and temperature-adjusted.
  • Fictional Social Network: Social Hub is a social network that connects the entire population of Icetown to evaluate and help build projects in the Liberal-Autonomous collaborative system.
* False Utopia: Icetown's bad side mostly stems from actions that the political opposition did in the city after 2085. However, the obsession for utopia to work took much of citizens' freedom of expression, making them live in obscurantism until they were 21 and join the Underground Workstation, where they will have access to unlimited knowledge for the rest of their lives, or not at all?
  • Display Technology: The series features a fictional, futuristic technology for translucent, flexible and self-expanding displays made from two-dimensional materials. It's called Grapho LED, where the LED arrays are on the subatomic scale.
  • High-Tech Hexagons: This design style can be anywhere in Icetown, but it is best seen in Underground Workstation's architecture and interior design.
  • Horny Nose Bleed: Featured as an anime reference in the episode "Untold Garianna's Secrets". When Zackylinn comes home and sees her friend Zackeline only in a bra, her nose comes to bleed from sexual arousal.
  • Hover Board: Appears in episodes "The City Hall" and "The Codex". It is manufactured by MORJA (Magnetic Oriented Retro-Jet Automotive) company. It is a magnetic-ionic levitation skateboard, used for recreational activities, yet in episodes it is very useful for escape.
  • Mega-Corp / United Nations Is a Superpower: Basically the "Globalwide Corporation", created after the abolition of the United Nations. Globalwide Corporation created the city of Icetown for $900 billion as part of its secret project.
  • No-Paper Future: No paper is seen in Icetown due to its goal of being as green as possible.
  • Neo Logism: They are created to name futuristic technologies but without yet an equivalent name in real life.
  • "Phatorizing" (abstract machine learning technology), Photorization (digital light optical data transmission technology), "Nanotech Morphing" (technology that changes the shape of matter through nanorobotics, used on mobile devices or any other device).
  • One World Order: In the story before the events of the series, Icetown was built with 3D printers thanks to a merger between the United States, Japan and China, creating a temporary world government following global warming crises.
  • Privately Owned Society: The smart city of Icetown, in the year 2090, is controlled by the A.D.H.I.S, a artificial general intelligence, under a political philosophy of secular ethics called Liberal-Autonomous. An ultramodern model of anarchy based on anarcocapitalism.
    "Miles Letterbox: (When talking with a new employee) Power is actually divided and connected by companies, different startups. They run the economy in a free market".
  • Post Cyber Punk: The whole political plot about progressivism and conservatism gives a Post-Cyberpunk atmosphere. A seemingly perfect new world that is beginning to corrupt.
  • Rotating Protagonist: Because they are set in different realities, different stories often require not establishing a protagonist common to all episodes. The series works on changing the point of view of events, so each episode (or group of episodes) may have a different protagonist.
  • Scary Shiny Glasses: In the fourth episode of season one "The City Hall", the character Jainx tells Zackylinn and Zackeline that his smartglasses light up his lenses. It's a comic scene, as he does it just to try to cause an aura of mystery before letting them into his home.
  • Skyscraper City / Cut-and-Paste Environments: The city of Icetown.
  • Sinister Surveillance: To maintain perfection, vigilance and privacy breaches are frequent in Icetown, which uses neural networks to understand the world around it through the internet of things. However, sometimes problems like leaking erotic videos happen because even in the bathrooms these cameras exist.
  • Space Brasília: Icetown was built as a city entirely planned and executed by huge 3D printers in civil construction, like Brasília, this makes the futuristic architecture of the city have identical and standardized buildings, such as Smartowers, smart skyscrappers which distributes wireless internet, opto-electric energy, and also captures and stores extra lightning energy whenever a storm approaches.
  • The Multiverse: The whole series is based on multiverse theory to connect different alternate realities, to give a metaphysical sense to the whole of existence. Interspersing seemingly disconnected stories of also distinct realities.
  • Trans Humanism / Designer Babies: For the utopia to work, Icetown could only have inhabitants generated from artificial uterus and perfect genetics. The citizens of Icetown are handsome, almost androgynous, intelligent above the old average.
  • Underwater Base / Artificial Intelligence: Icetown is controlled in Underwater Database. Located in the deepest submarine parts of Underground Workstation, the place is a hybrid data center to a power station. Where there is the "Teraphaton", optical quantum supercomputers that carry all A.D.H.I.S data and control the city.

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