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aka: Rebel Gems

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”Death to the Rebels. Long live Homeworld.”
— Presumably Citrine

Minerva Gems (Formerly known as Rebel Gems) is Steven Universe fanseries, made by BatteryMaster, Narath, and Meiu.It’s doesn’t follow Steven and the Crystal Gems; rather, it fallows a different rebel-Gem faction known as the Children of Minerva, protecting the eponymous planet and its people from a mysterious group of robots known as led by an entity known as Jet-bot and allied by a monstrous Gem known as Citrine.

Trailers and the first episode can be seen BatteryMaster’s YouTube, linked above, and more information and concept art by both BatteryMaster and Narath can be seen on Deviant Art (NSFW for some nudity).

Two episode are currently up: The now non-canon "Lab of Doom: Part 1", and first episode of it's current iteration, "Unbroken, Part 1".


Examples of tropes found in Minerva Gems:

  • Alien Blood: Unlike in the series proper, Gems are shown hemorrhaging a yellow blood-like substance when their body is damaged, as shown when a Jet-bot poofs an unfortunate Pearl and after Ruby gets a nose-bleed after tripping.
  • Alternate Universe Fic: Take place in a different continuity then the show itself. In addition the animalistic Gems, the Expanded Universe once stated that Rose Quartz never bubbled Bismuth, for example.
  • Berserk Button: Jet-bot 57GDP is pissed Ruby when calls Citrine a "thing", and refers to him as an "it".
  • Big Bad Wannabe: Jet-bot appears to the leader of the antagonists, but seems to be have no real power over Citrine as shown in her character teaser.
  • Little Bit Beastly: Gems in this ‘verse have animal-like traits, in order to make them feel more otherworldly.
    • Rubies and Sapphires: Both have characteristics from goats (both being types of corundum), with Sapphires being based in particular off a cyclopoid mutation.
    • Quartzes: Dogs.
    • Aquamarines: Winged insects, mostly moths.
    • Topazes: Hippopotamuses.
    • An unknown Gem-type that the Tongue Monster belongs to, referred to as Labradorite: Birds.
    • Lapis Lazulis: Dolphins, with sheepshead teeth.
    • Centi’s Gem-type: Ground insects.
    • Bismuths: Gorillas.
    • An unidentified Gem-type that was part of Blue Diamond’s court: Tarsiers... and Noodle.
    • Peridots: Reptiles.
    • Adverted with Pearls, which are almost completely human-like.
    • Zircons: Gibbon-like arms and shrew-like teeth.
  • Nonstandard Character Design: Blue Topaz and Citrine look nothing like normal Topazes or Quartzes; Blue Topaz looks more like Lapis or Pearl, while Citrine resembles an oversized Minervan with some Quartz-like features. Justified, as the former is off-color and the latter is thought to be the result of the Jet-bot’s experiments.
    • A recent redesign downplays this with Blue Topaz, making her look more a normal Topaz, but still much smaller.

Alternative Title(s): Rebel Gems


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