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"It is a time of turmoil on Terra Steed. The Goddess Mare, Daybreak, is a wise and gentle force for good in the world that she has created. Everything changes when she comes up against a force that all of her power cannot control: a teenager."

Long ago in the magical land of Eque... hold on, let's start over. Long ago in the magical land of Terra Steed lived Daybreak, the godess mare, all was well in the land until one day an accident led to the first ever deaths in Terra Steed and the very first orphan, Nightfall. Daybreak adopted Nightfall and raised her as a daughter, she didn't know how exactly to do that however so she created the Dream World of Nod so Nightfall could experiment with making friends there. This turned out to be a bad idea however as the personality changes caused by moving from one world to the other cause the ponies of Terra Steed to bully Nightfall in Nod until she finally snaps, becomes Nightfall Nod, conquers Terra Steed and banishes her mother to Nod. Now Daybreak has to ask the Nod versions of ponies from Terra Steed for help in order to Save Both Worlds.


The Homepage and Trailer can be found here.

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