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A flash series by Sto0g3 that is a tribute to the Madness Combat series. It is notable for being one of the first Madness Combat fan series on Newgrounds.

The first Maximum Ninja sees the titular Ninja going up against the "Asian Mafia" to rescue his friend, John Kingston. Later on though, he encounters Steve and shit really hits the fan.

5 episodes were originally planned, but the series has not been updated since Episode 3 in 2005.



  • A God Am I: Steve seems to have this mindset. The name tag on his desk refers to him as "Your God" and throughout his base are various religious paintings with him inserted in.
  • All There in the Manual: The characters' backstories on Newgrounds.
    • The Ninja served in the the Sheriff's private guard for 9 years. He then ran with a group of freelance criminals for several more years, which is how he befriended John. Eventually, their hideout was raided by the police, but the Ninja and John managed to escape and joined the Army, rising quickly through the ranks due to their skills.
    • John was a street kid abandoned by his parents at 5 years old, and raised by local gangs, developing his fighting and sneaking skills as a thief. This lead him to join a group of skilled criminals and assassins known as the Vegas Cats, which is how he met the Ninja. After he joined the Army with the Ninja, he became a spy. Prior to Episode 1, his cover was blown while investigating the Asian mafia, leading to his capture.
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    • Steve was heavily in debt to Loan Shark and gang leader, David Corsen. When David came to collect, Steve killed him, and stole the magic emerald from his necklace (and his fez) which gave him his powers.
  • Big Bad: Arashikage in the first episode, but Steve ultimately turns out to be the true threat.
    • Demoted to Dragon: Steve revives Arashikage as a zombie to take out the Ninja in the second episode.
  • Deuteragonist: John Kingston, the Ninja's friend, fills the role of secondary protagonist in the series.
  • Empowered Badass Normal: Steve and the Ninja were already good fighters before they got their powers.
  • Mind over Matter: From what is shown so far:
    • Steve can teleport and bring people back from the dead.
    • The Ninja uses Energy Balls and telekinesis.
  • Mooks: Ordinary Grunts fill the role of disposable footsoldiers in the first two episodes. In the third one, they're replaced by Steve's Sguard.
    • Elite Mooks: Ninjas are shown fare just slightly better in battle with the Ninja than ordinary grunts
  • Night of the Living Mooks: One of Steve's powers is the ability to revive his minions as zombies.
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  • Ninja: Well of course there's the protagonist, but enemy ninjas also show up as Elite Mooks several times in the series.
  • Parrying Bullets: The Ninja is an expert at this. Some of Steve's Elite Mooks can also do this.
  • Power Crystal: Steve and the Ninja get their powers from a magic gem embedded in their solar plexus. Steve's is an emerald. The Ninja's is a ruby.
  • Power Incontinence: The Ninja's ruby contains too much power that it endangers himself and others. Army technicians and scientists created a Power Limiter to prevent this. After the 5-year Time Skip in Episode 3, he has mastered the ruby's powers and makes liberal use of them during the assault on Steve's headquarters.

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