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And Now For Something Completely Different

An animation series made by YouTuber, MD Reborn, starting with Comrade Winnie And Pika-Edge: War of the Yellow, which stars a group of eight people who were sent on a mission to defeat a Black Bird over in the Himalayas, and due to some mishaps, broke off into two separate factions and started to travel all over the world, occasionally butting heads and having misadventures of their own. Meanwhile, an Asian boy is on the hunt for a German to resurrect Hitler for some reason, and the Black Bird over in the Himalayas, known as Biminy Blow, takes part in it in exchange for regaining his previous human form. MC Pete also tags along, in spite of his hatred towards Bickey Mouse, the President of the Kingdom of Cartoons. Another threat also emerges, but unlike the others, isn't too big on making appearances.


  • Real Life Writes the Plot: Pretty much the real reason why the creator came up with it. A lot of the movie have been made from MD's experiences, with a good chunk of the Main 8 deprived from his junior year in High School.


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