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Web Animation / Life With Doris

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Season 1: 4-year old Caillou had to deal with his abusive father, Boris, who loved grounding him and making punishment days for him as soon as his mother, Doris, left the house due to a separation between her and her husband.

After that, Boris quickly proposed to his girlfriend and also Caillou's teacher, Miss Ann Martin and set up a private wedding at a nearby church. Caillou and his 2-year-old sister, Rosie, decided to skip the wedding, which eventually led to another punishment day, them getting grounded, and Gilbert being put back in the pound.


As days pass by, Caillou and Rosie don't know how to get themselves out of this mess...

Season 2: For 2 years straight, Caillou, Rosie, Daillou, Doris, and Gilbert had a happy life together. Until Boris and Miss Martin find a way to escape prison.

The next morning, the two convicted criminals were on the news. Which left Caillou's family in shock.

With two convicted criminals on the lose, trying to get revenge, and easily hiding from the cops, will Caillou's family be safe in the end?

Season 3: 12 years later. Caillou and his brothers graduate high school! But things get ugly as Baillou doesn't trust Daillou for 2 years straight, because of a firework prank that Daillou caused, and two people who loved Boris and Miss Martin were deeply affected by their deaths, and now, they want nothing but sweet revenge! less




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