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Web Animation / Kouka And Bibi

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From left to right: Kouka and Bibi. Or is it Bibi and Kouka? Who knows?
A 16-minute animated short film by webcartoonist Dan Variano, Kouka and Bibi note  is an Affectionate Parody of the Silent Zany Cartoon, set in a Film Noir universe and starring the titular characters — one a tall, lanky fox, the other a short, stout raccoon. (It's never shown which one has which name.)

While taking pictures of each other in the city, Kouka and Bibi stumble across a murder victim in an alleyway. They don't know why he was killed, and the cops are no help — they've got to find out whodunnit by themselves! Plenty of hilarity, classic animation tropes, and subversion ensues.

You can watch the cartoon here.

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