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Get ready to strike!

In 2007, Mattel ran a McDonald's promotion for a set of 8 toy cars under the segment "Hot Wheels Stunt Strikers" . The series was accompanied by a motion-flash comic. The plot involved Jack Striker and his team as they battled aliens called Crossers. Crossers had the ability to weaponize any element they come into contact with. Many elements of the series were later reused for the Hot Wheels Battle Force 5 series. Stunt Strikers also had a screensaver, a web game, and downloadable icons.

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Hot Wheels Stunt Strikers provides examples of:

  • Breath Weapon: The Alien Crossers #1 and #2 are able to spit out Water, and Grass respectively.
  • Energy Absorption: The Crossers can do this when they are in contact.
  • Five-Man Band:
    • The Leader: Jack Striker, team leader and driver of Motoblade and Thunderblade.
    • The Lancer: Zoom, team scout, driver of Flashfire, vehicle designed for speed.
    • The Smart Guy: Johnny, team marksman and driver of Swag Blaster, vehicle designed for offroading.
    • The Big Guy: Rhino, B.B's brother who drives the Ram Slammer.
    • The Chick: B.B, Rhino's sister who drives the Ram Hammer.
  • Incoming!: The Crossers would arrive to take on the Stunt Strikers.
  • Sibling Rivalry: Rhino and B.B sometimes interferes with each other then help out.
  • Team Spirit: The Stunt Strikers are always ready and never quit.
  • The Sixth Ranger: LAB.
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  • Villain Teleportation: The Crossers come from lightning bolts.


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