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Mike: What?! That's the girl you've been fretting over? But she's so...
Zachery: Beautiful? I know.
Mike: No, she's so... *stares at girl's chest* ehhh......

Group 5 is a 2012 web animation series created by animator Nicholas "Nick" Dante on YouTube. The story is centered around a group of five middle schoolers: Zachery, Mike, Liza, Diana, and Jeffrey. These kids get themselves into a bunch of unusual situations like kidnapping a girl for her number or being in an arena with a giant dog.


One early animation was Group 5- Pen released in 2012 on Nick's old channel "njdmanok", where the animation style is not as developed as in some of Nick's later works. The animation involves the above-mentioned characters finding a pen and fighting over it.

Nick then decided to make a longer animation focused on only one character. He explained that these types of episodes were the pilots and he'd release actual episodes later on instead of shorts. In 2012, he released Group 5- ZACHERY, which is centered around Zachery kidnapping a girl for her number, even though he seemingly has no feelings for her. Since these were pilots, he explained that next, he would do MIKE, then LIZA, etc.

In 2014, Nick decided to make a reboot. He created a new channel called "Group 5". He made a newer version of Group 5- Pen, made some quick fixes to Group 5- ZACHERY, and finally released Group 5- MIKE. In these videos, Jeffrey's voice actor had changed and he sounded noticeably different. He then made a video titled "Why MIKE took so long" on some FAQ, and about why it took two years to release the second pilot. He explained that some obstacles were bad scripts, negative feedback, school, and family conflict. At the end of this video, he said that he'd release LIZA in April of 2015. Instead, he deleted his "Group 5" channel. Currently, all the videos that were posted there can only be found on other people's channels.


Group 5 contains examples of:

  • Aborted Arc: Nick quit the show instead of making the next pilot.
  • Art Evolution: From the first edition of Group 5- Pen to Group 5- MIKE, there's a clear difference.
  • Five-Man Band: Downplayed, since there isn't really a leader in the group.
  • Junior High: Although it has barely anything to do with the plot, Nick has said that the kids are 8th graders.
  • Twist Ending: Most of the animations. A notable one is in Group 5- ZACHERY, where as the cops arrest Thursday, Zachery realizes that there was no point to getting her number because he didn't even have a phone.

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