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Billy la Bufanda (Billy the Scarf) is a series of Spanish Edutainment songs created by Spanish teacher Señor Wooly. The series centers around Billy, a sentient scarf who belongs to an unnamed tall man, and his two lady friends, Las Botas (The Boots). Billy's adventures take him, the Boots, and all the articles of clothing to many fantastical places.

This series contains:

  • Billy la Bufanda (2007)
  • Billy y las botas (2012)
  • Billy y las botas 2 (2015)
  • Billy la Bufanda enseña los animales (2018)
  • Billy y las botas 3 (2019)


The Billy la Bufanda series contains examples of:

  • Art Evolution: Billy la bufanda is in 2D, but all the subsequent entries (except for Billy la Bufanda enseña los animales) are in 3D.
  • The Chanteuse: Billy y las botas ends with the Boots singing a melancholy outro about how much they miss Billy at a bar.
  • Cool Shades: Billy wears these.
  • Especially Zoidberg: Billy hates all the other articles of clothing, especially the Hat.
  • Eye Glasses: When Billy takes his shades off, there are no eyes underneath.
  • Giant Hands of Doom: How Billy sees the hand of the tall man taking him away from the boots.
  • I Will Find You: Billy y las botas 2 revolves around Billy and the Hat looking for the Boots. They don't find them.
  • Polyamory: Billy seems to be dating both the boots at once.
  • Star-Crossed Lovers: Billy and the Boots, with their respective owners trying to keep them apart. The narrator at the beginning of the song even calls their love "forbidden and legendary."
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  • Triang Relations: Type 9 with Billy the scarf and the two boots. The two boots are good friends who are always seen together. They're both in a relationship with the same scarf named Billy. None of them seem to mind.
  • Unreliable Narrator: In "Billy la Bufanda", Señor Wooly insists that Billy is just a normal, motionless scarf at the same time we see Billy living and moving around on-screen. When Señor Wooly says Billy has no teeth, the camera zooms in on Billy's teeth. You really have to wonder if Señor Wooly is telling the truth.
  • Verbal Backspace: Billy la Bufanda's lyrics revolve around this trope. Billy goes someplace in town to buy something, then the narrator realizes he doesn't have any teeth/eyes/mouth and that he can't eat/see anything, and says he actually didn't go anywhere.
  • You Wake Up on a Beach: In Billy y las botas, Billy wakes up on a beach after falling off the tall man's neck.

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