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  • Avatar: You can get away for having a really crappy and overdone story and Flat Characters as long as you make it really, really, REALLY pretty to look at.
    • Alternatively, only by abandoning their old culture and becoming fully integrated into the local society can immigrants hope to be accepted. Those who refuse to assimilate want to kill you and bulldoze your house for shits and giggles. The only solution is to forcibly deport them at arrowpoint.
      • Actually, it's to strip mine the land directly under the "house." The "shits and giggles" was a bonus.
    • Nobody remembers Last of the Mohicans — recycling it WITH ALIENS! will totally go under the radar.
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    • Conversely, even if your film's story has been done several times before, only the one that becomes popular will get any noticeable grief for it.
    • Don't ever change even when others (even by force) try to change you resist them at all costs. Even the smallest amount of Personal or social change will lead to nothing but a lifetime of spiritual emptiness and physical/emotional misery so its good to have the exact life you've lived since childhood (or at least as far back as you can remember) with not even the slightest deviation in routine.
    • Diplomacy is a crap-shoot so the only way to solve our problems is to fight.
    • Paraplegics have no redeeming factors, so be sure to take the first chance at getting virtual legs, even if it means being required to be a dick and force innocent indigenous people off their land.
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    • Minority groups will never prosper without white people there to solve their problems.
    • Selling out your Species for the chance of getting some Alien Nookie is perfectly acceptable.
    • Any region, island, continent, or planet untouched by post-Stone Age civilization will consist in a single, unitary tribe of magical native Americans who display all manner of indigenous people tropes. With one single tribe living there, the area (can be an entire moon) is sparsely populated, intertribal politics and conflict are nonexistent, fertile land is freely available pretty much everywhere, and the natives never disturb hostile wildlife or overhunt.
    • People who evolved differently than your race did cannot be forgiven for not living up to the genetically imposed ideals of your culture. How dare they not be able to hear the trees screaming in their brains like you do!
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    • No matter what you do to a group of people, they will forgive you if you show up in a sweet enough ride.
    • Killing animals, even in self-defense, is terrible and wrong. Killing people, on the other hand, is totally fine, not to mention lots of fun!
    • Space marines are awesome!
    • Racism and hostility towards those with a culture different from your own is wrong if you're not a 10-foot tall blue kitty-cat person.
    • The best way to solve environmental problems is to evolve a ponytail that functions as a USB port for connecting your brain to a brain made out of tree roots.
    • Adding to the above, people who have an inherent and undeniable privilege that allows them to live a specific lifestyle (in this case, biological ponytail USB cables that allow them to link up and psychically interact with their entire ecosystem, which is also fully sentient) are fully justified in judging another group of people who don't live that specific lifestyle because they lack that inherent and undeniable privilege.
    • When a group of highly advanced aliens arrive on your planet because they desperately need the rocks that are under your house, just tell them to screw off. You have arrows. You'll be fine.
    • When someone desperately needs something that is of absolutely no value to you and you don't even want, refuse to give it to them at any cost because nature or something. This makes you the good guys, not selfish uncaring pricks.
    • The best way to solve environmental problems is to abandon all technology and return to a tribal existence and everything will be happy and there are no negative consequences!
    • The death of your sibling will result in an opportunity for a fantastic life changing adventure!
    • Reptiles have breasts.
    • Signing up to fly a military gunship for a living does not necessarily mean you signed up to fire said guns, and you are fully justified in betraying your comrades and even killing them if you're ever made to use those guns on hostile targets.


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