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Discussing these Western Animation characters gives away that there's more than meets the eye to them.

  • Adventure Time:
    • Simon Petrikov, aka the Ice King, is an interesting case of this, as the character has been in the show since Day One. However, nothing can really be discussed about him without mentioning the season three and four plot twists that completely turn the character and the show's universe on their heads: he's over a thousand years old, having lived as a antiquarian prior to The Mushroom War, and flashbacks to this era have him referencing real world locations and pop culture. He was the foster parent of Marceline until her early teens, and the magic crown he wore in order to protect himself and her was what drove him to utter madness and made him unable to remember his life as Simon. When she's a little kid, and he reveals that his crown protects him but makes him crazy. Prior to "Holly Jolly Secrets" and "I Remember You", which revealed some of this information, Ice King was played more as a pure joke villain rather than a sympathetic character, Ooo's status as a post-apocalyptic Earth was just Word of God trivia instead of something important to the show's developing Myth Arc, and Marceline's own past was similarly shrouded in mystery. Talking about Simon Petrikov is necessary to explain an important part of the show's lore and why both Marceline and Ice King's behave the way they do.
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    • Betty Grof, Simon's fiancée. Simon believed she was so scared by his behavior when he first put on the crown that she abandoned him, and ultimately died during the Mushroom War. You can leave at that, but you'd be loathe not to mention that her appearance was actually her entering a time portal to be with Simon in present-day Ooo. All her future appearances and characterization from the episode "Betty" onward revolve around her attempts to reverse the effects of the crown or prevent the Mushroom War from occurring in the first place.
    • Shoko is a somewhat minor character, but to even mention her means you have to bring up that she's Finn in a past life.
    • Minerva Campbell, aka Finn's mother.
  • Archer:
    • Holly and Slater's existence spoils ISIS being contracted by the CIA.
    • Just saying the name "Abijean Kane-Archer" spoils that Archer and Lana have a kid.
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  • The Blue Spirit of Avatar: The Last Airbender.
  • Michael Korvac in The Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes!, since the Avengers don't learn about the murders he committed until relatively late into episode #32.
    • An even bigger one is General Ross, who turns out to be the Red Hulk.
  • Numbuh 74.239 of Codename: Kids Next Door is a member of the KND science team and initially was just another one of the recurring characters of the many, many KND operatives. He got a big boost of importance in the sixth and final season as part of the unfolding "Splinter Cell" arc, and the viral campaign to get a KND sequel series takes this even further with the reveal that he was an undercover Galactic Kids Next Door operative all along. Speaking of, there's no way to talk about the G:KND animatic (An attempt to make a sequel/spinoff happen) without revealing that the Galactic Kids Next Door are possibly evil, or that Lizzie is really Numbuh Vine.
  • DuckTales (2017):
    • Just even mentioning that Della Duck is part of the reboot falls under this, as the show's first Story Arc covers her disappearance, while the tie-in comics include stories where she's adventuring with Scrooge and Donald.
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    • Likewise, you can't talk about Lena without mentioning that she's Magica de Spell's "niece", which gets even worse by the season one finale and learn that she was actually Magica's shadow, before becoming attached to Webby after Magica loses her powers.
    • Magica De Spell herself could be counted as one. While now powerless, seeing her at all would tell anyone that Lena got the #1 dime at least long enough for Magica to be freed from her shadowy prison.
    • As a result of being tied to the above-mentioned Della, all of the Lunarians qualify as this, as it's difficult to talk about them without revealing that Della got trapped on the Moon for ten years. This especially applies to General Lunaris, the Big Bad of season 2, as the fact that he was evil wasn't revealed until his second appearance.
    • As of "The Duck Knight Returns", saying anything about Jim Starling besides the fact he played Darkwing Duck in a Show Within a Show spoils that he's actually the series' version of Negaduck. Likewise, it's also difficult to talk about the actor who took over the role from him without revealing that he's a) Drake Mallard and b) planning on becoming a "real life" version of Darkwing.
  • Ed, Edd n Eddy has Eddy's brother. He is made out to be The Ace by Eddy, but when he actually appears in The Movie, it turns out that couldn't be farther from the truth.
  • Although they are now a case of It Was His Sled and major Fanfic Fuel, Tommy and Tammy Turner, who appeared in the Distant Finale to The Fairly OddParents!'s Channel Chasers special, were this, as they show that in 20 years, Timmy would part ways with Cosmo and Wanda, grow up, get married, and have two children who would get Cosmo and Wanda as fairy godparents (unless you go by the live-action TV movies that came much later, that is).
  • Family Guy has Vinnie Griffin, spoiling Brian Griffin being (briefly) killed off.
  • Gravity Falls:
    • Bill Cipher. He's what all of the Eye of Providence symbols hidden throughout the show's first season were leading up to. It's hard to mention him without noting that he's a demon who has history with the Author of the Journals, and that he becomes the show's Big Bad in the final season.
    • Fiddleford Hadron McGucket was a brilliant scientist and assistant to the Author of the journals that chronicled the bizarre happenings of the town. He became racked with guilt over his knowledge of the journals' secrets and created a device that erases selective memories, and quickly began to overuse it to the point where he lost most of his memories and sanity, turning him into "local kook" and Mad Scientist Old Man McGucket.
    • The Author of the Journals. While his existence itself isn't a spoiler, his identity as Grunkle Stan's twin brother who had spent the past thirty years stuck traveling the multiverse is.
  • Green Lantern: The Animated Series: Aya is this for almost the entire second half of the series. She sacrifices herself to save Razer, comes back, gets dumped, destroys the Anti-Monitor, does a Face–Heel Turn and becomes the Big Bad, tries to go back in time to alter creation, and then, after all of that, she sacrifices herself again to save the universe. Good freaking god.
  • Harvey Beaks has the main character's sister Michelle, who spent most of the first season as an egg.
  • The Legend of Korra:
    • Hiroshi Sato, whose part in the Mid-Season Twist turns his entire characterization on its ear.
    • Everything about Amon is a spoiler, especially him really being Noatak, one of Yakone's children.
    • Season Two has Unalaq, whose evilness was sort of obvious, but not to the extent of how far-reaching it was. But it also had Varrick, whose Mid-Season Twist came out of virtually nowhere.
  • Miraculous Ladybug:
    • Nooroo and Wayzz, whose very existence reveals that there are active Miraculous users besides Marinette and Adrien.
    • The Collector is difficult to discuss without revealing that he's actually Hawk Moth. Furthermore, his identity as Gabriel Agreste was leaked ahead of time, but his identity as Hawk Moth wasn't.
    • The future Hawk Moth mentioned in "Timetagger", whose existence is a major reveal in that episode.
  • My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic
    • Changelings. Their very first appearance in the series was a spoiler, as even promotional material for the Season 2 finale made the episode seem to be about wedding hijinks at worse and clone shenanigans at best.
    • Twilight Sparkle, aka the show's main character. There's no getting around the fact that she became a Princess home at the end of the third season. Her new wings are dead giveaways.
    • You can't talk about Discord without revealing he goes through a Heel–Face Turn, before trying out villainy again before earnestly redeeming himself.
    • Spoiled Rich, introduced in "Crusaders of the Lost Mark", is impossible to discuss without revealing that this is the episode where the titular Cutie Mark Crusaders receive their cutie marks. Naturally, the Cutie Mark Crusaders themselves serve as this after the episode as well.
    • The Changelings are actually this trope TWICE, due to the entire species undergoing a Heel–Race Turn in the Season 6 finale, physically changing their appearance in the process. Thorax is a natural extension of this, as he's the Token Heroic Orc who helped caused the change to begin with. Of course, talking about that episode is impossible without...
    • Discussing Starlight Glimmer. Talking about the character after Season 5 is impossible without revealing that she pulled a Heel–Face Turn at the end of it and became the seventh ranger to the Mane Six.
      • To know of Sunburst's existence is to know of Starlight's Freudian Excuse for why she became evil. And to know of Sunburst is to also know of...
    • Princess Flurry Heart. Yes, ponies can be born as alicorns and Twilight is now an aunt.
  • In Over the Garden Wall, the protagonists spend about half of the miniseries trying to find Adelaide of the Pasture, Good Woman of the Woods. It's hard to say much else about her without revealing that she's actually a Wicked Witch who immediately tries to make them her slaves.
  • Rick and Morty
  • Mayor Jones, Angel Dynamite, Mr E and the Chileses in Scooby-Doo! Mystery Incorporated. Even knowing that most of the tropes around these characters are spoilers probably counts as a spoiler! (Well, except Mr E, who's clearly hiding something from the beginning.) There's also the simple existence of the Greater-Scope Villain, whom turns things inside out and upside down by their mere presence.
  • Roswell Conspiracies: Aliens, Myths and Legends: Riniker's true identity.
  • Star vs. the Forces of Evil:
    • For a character who literally appears out of nowhere midway through Season 1, Toffee has a lot of hidden secrets regarding his distinctive appearance, his goals, and his past, most of which (especially past Season 1) are very difficult to explain without spoiling someone.
    • In Season 2's "Into The Wand", we're introduced to one of Star's ancestors; Queen Eclipsa, a Lady of Black Magic who ran off with a monster as her love. Like Toffee, it's hard to reveal more beyond that without giving away big twists, such as her status in Season 3 and history with her descendants.
    • Come Season 3 and the episode "Monster Bash", Miss Heinous is firmly in this territory when both her real name and her backstory is revealed.
  • Star Wars: The Clone Wars
    • The fact that Darth Maul appears at all is a massive spoiler.
    • To a lesser extent, General Pong Krell being a traitor.
  • Star Wars Rebels
    • The fact that Ahsoka Tano, who first appeared in The Clone Wars, appears at all is a massive spoiler.
      • Her return late in season 4 after being missing since the end of season 2 brings with it many more spoilers.
    • During the Time Skip between his last season 2 appearance and the beginning of season 3 (at least eight months), recurring antagonist Agent Kallus goes through a Heel–Face Turn and becomes a Rebel spy, one of the Fulcrum agents. In the second half of season 3, he gets found out by his boss, and in the season finale "Zero Hour" ends up escaping and formally joining up with the rebels. It's near-impossible to talk about him in season 3, and outright impossible in season 4, without giving this away. Pictures of him from season 4, with his Good Costume Switch, also spoil this.
  • Steven Universe:
    • Lapis Lazuli and her introductory episodes "Mirror Gem" and "Ocean Gem" revealed that the Crystal Gems are not the Last of Their Kind, and that they are an intergalactic race where the majority of members aren't fond of Earth at all. Talking about Lapis means spoiling the twist that much of the series is predicated on.
    • Trying to say anything about Garnet will quickly lead to mentioning that she's compromised of Ruby and Sapphire, and vice versa.
    • Bismuth has a major role in Lapis' backstory, and delving into her character in any depth reveals that she's a Knight Templar and the antagonist of her episode. Her return brought even more spoilers.
    • Pink Diamond's mere existence is somewhat of a spoiler, to the point where the first mention of her name was a Wham Line. Her character in general and what became of her is a mega spoiler that greatly re-contextualizes the backstories of multiple characters and many events.
    • Rose Quartz has been a part of the show from the beginning, and it's not a spoiler that she's Steven's mom and the former leader of the Crystal Gems. Any mention of her pre-Greg past (along with Pearl's, since their stories are intertwined) though? Up there with Pink Diamond as the biggest spoilers of all.
    • Pink Diamond's Pearl was first brought up in Steven's trial for Pink Diamond's shattering, and her connections and role in the event are a source of major questions about what actually happened. What really happened to her and where she is now is directly connected to Pink Diamond's true fate, which is major spoiler territory, as previously stated.
    • White Diamond, the reclusive fourth member of the Diamond Authority, wasn't directly mentioned on the show until late in Season 5. Her first appearance, in "Legs From Here to Homeworld" has her casually revealing that she knew the truth about Pink Diamond, Rose Quartz, and the Gem War all along.
  • Pumyra is this in ThunderCats (2011) due to being The Mole/Evil All Along.
  • Mal from Total Drama All-Stars, Mike's latest revealed personality over a season after the others and the Big Bad for that same season.
  • Transformers:
    • Transformers Prime
      • Breakdown, whose death and implied rebirth as Silas' new body have seemingly caused Hasbro to delay and deny the existence of his toy. (Though, that's also for budget reasons. The mold was created by Takara to use at their $65 USD pricepoint, rendering it in "financial no-man's land" compared to Hasbro's $22 USD price point for the same figure-class.)
      • Unicron. It's a little hard to talk about him without revealing that in this continuity, Earth formed around him.
    • Shockwave in Transformers Animated, right down to him being Shockwave, as he was undercover as the Autobot Longarm.
    • In Beast Wars, Tigerhawk's mere existence lessens some of the tension in season 2, despite not appearing until the tail end of season 3 (also the last season). Similarly, the existence of the Dinobot clone spoils the Heroic Sacrifice of the original Dinobot, as well as how the finale plays out.
  • Flopin and Elely from Wakfu. They're Sadlygrove and Evangelyne's children, which spoil the fact that Sadlygrove comes Back from the Dead in Season 2, his relationship with Evangelyne continues and surpasses all the roadblocks it faces, and that Evangelyne will become pregnant sometime before the end of that season.
  • Arsenal in Young Justice: it's very hard to describe him in any detail or even reveal his real name without giving away something about Red Arrow's Tomato in the Mirror twist from season 1.


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