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  • The entire Cubi race from Dan and Mab's Furry Adventures, since the reason they have the prominence they do is the Chapter 14 reveal that Dan is one.
  • The authors of Darths & Droids avoided mentioning Annie's name for a while, so people wouldn't guess that she was going to end up playing Anakin.
    • It's also hard to bring up post-Episode 5 Vader without mentioning that the Darth Vader in D&D is Padmé.
  • The Dreamland Chronicles has a few:
    • Dan, due to the big twist involving him being the true heir to Dreamland.
    • Gilgamesh being the true Big Bad, manipulating the assumed one Nicodemus and an entire army of Nightmare Realm creatures to further his quest for immortality.
  • Drowtales:
    • Diva'ratrika Val'Sharen, Liriel and "Diva" due to the fact that they are all technically the same person, with the last one being the final result of a Fusion Dance of the aura (soul) of Diva'ratrika with her servant Ragini, with Liriel being the incomplete fusion. All of which spoils the fact that Diva'ratrika has been dead since nearly the start of the story, with the coup that eventually killed her occurring in the story's prologue.
    • Most things about Kalki Nidraa'chal. While she actually appears in the Prologue of the story, it takes 25 chapters for us to find out what her deal is. And while quite a few people had already guessed that she was really Snadhya'rune Vel'Sharen's daughter, even with a Shrug of God that while she was Snadhya's daughter Snadhya had never given birth, chapter 25 was a Wham Episode in that the explanation of how this was possible also revealed other gigantic spoilers: Mainly, that the Val'Jaal'darya have not only figured out how to carry a child outside of the mother's womb, but also make a child have two mothers. And Kalki's second mom? None other than Mel'arnach Val'Sarghress, the protagonist Ariel's real mother, which basically makes Kalki related to half of the important cast members in some form or another.
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    • Relatedly, merely the names of most revealed members of the Nidraa'chal are blacked out on the character page because it reveals that there are sleeper agents in nearly every clan, both major and minor, and that despite other characters saying so not all of them are tainted.
  • Gunnerkrigg Court:
    • Loup is impossible to talk about without revealing he's the Fusion Dance of Ysengrin and Coyote, created after the former killed and ate the latter, and that when he first manifested he did massive damage to the Court. His existence also means that both Coyote and Ysengrin are technically dead. Then, on top of this, there's his subsequent actions...
    • Annie herself becomes one after "Neither", as the big twist of the subsequent chapter is that Loup's actions have created two Annies, the one we've followed who was in the forest for six months that felt like a few hours, and another who returned to the Court and was there the whole night. They both seem to be real, too.
  • Homestuck:
    • Doc Scratch is a near-omniscient being who's the First Guardian of the trolls' universe, while it was somewhat of a late revelation that the trolls live on another planet. Scratch is also the precursor to Lord English, a mobster who turns out to be the Big Bad.
    • The post-scratch kids in the sense that their very existence is a pretty massive spoiler. Same with the pre-scratch trolls.
    • Calliope and Caliborn, particularly after the former's true appearance is revealed. So shocking author Andrew Hussie even asked people not to post the image for a few days and provided a fake image for people to use instead.
    • Gamzee, for the twist of him seemingly starting out as one of the biggest joke characters before turning into a murderer that kills off two of the more minor trolls. And then he goes on to be declared "the most important character in Homestuck" in-universe, and in Act 6 he has a habit of showing up in the strangest and more sudden places, both to hinder up the post-scratch kids and to assist the Big Bad in his session. And he's also the reason for Li'l Cal's existence. Because of all of this, most of what's written on him on this site is spoilered out.
    • Aranea. The woman behind the man in some (exactly how much isn't entirely certain) of Gamzee's actions, the one to answer the question of who gets the Ring of Life, being a pre-scratch troll as mentioned above, and double subverting the expectations one would have for a Serket.
  • In It Hurts!!, most every character qualifies as a walking spoiler, what with the apocalypse in strip 100.
    • Pasqualo is revealed to be a cyborg after the apocalypse, accompanied by a marked, permanent change in appearance.
    • Allison becomes a zombie during the apocalypse.
    • Aurora sings the song that ends the world, revealing herself to be an angel or a demon or a demigod or something.
    • In a much less drastic example, Katie is missing and presumed dead even before the apocalypse, but Pasqualo and Allison manage to find her alive and well after the world ends.
  • Nebula: Ceres; apart from being the confirmation that there are other dwarf planets than Pluto, they show that Black Hole most definitely has supernatural powers, possibly has mind control powers, and drags the comic through the darkest and most emotionally intense sequences that ends with Sun killing them in the first actual death of the comic. After that, Nothing Is the Same Anymore, ending Ceres' introductory comic with them dead, Pluto having left the solar system to join Black Hole, the planets badly injured, and Sun no longer being Achilles in His Tent but left staring blankly at his hands.
  • Vampire!Durkon, aka the High Priest of Hel, from The Order of the Stick. If a main character being killed and brought back as a vampire isn't enough, there's the further twist that he isn't any version of Durkon, even a corrupt one. He's a spirit from the Norse underworld walking around in Durkon's corpse.
  • In Ozy and Millie Locke, a fox kid who is the same age as Millie, was revealed to be Millie's backwards aging Dad from another dimension. is one of the most compelling and dramatic arcs in the entire series. This is usually the story arc everyone mentions, though many fans respect the comic too much to spoil.
  • "Cloney" of Sluggy Freelance is one that is largely a spoiler if you use that name. From late 2001 to 2002, Torg and Riff, after returning from the Punyverse, thought that their alien friend Aylee had undergone a Face–Heel Turn as her latest evolution. It turns out that it was actually an evil clone of Aylee made by Hereti-Corp, and referring to "Aylee" during this time as "Cloney" spoils this twist. Technically, this character was called "Aylee" by everyone including herself, even if that was only because they (including herself) mistook her for the other Aylee. The name "Cloney" was introduced retrospectively.
  • The main After the End timeframe of Stand Still, Stay Silent is explicitly stated early on to have three existing belief systems: depending on their country of origin, people worship the Norse gods, the Finnish gods or are atheist, with the Christianity that was dominant in the Nordics before The End of the World as We Know It all but stated to be no longer practiced. The comic also gives several hints that the Norse and Finnish gods are both quite real, and have something to do with some of their worshippers now having magic powers and Psychopomp duties. The fact that one of the later introduced characters is the ghost of a Christian Pastor who shares abilities and duties with mages throws quite a wrench in what the reader knows of the comic's world.
  • Rachel from Tower of God. She is initially just the girl Baam was chasing, but after she tried to kill him and he has been declared dead, the whole plot goes off into another direction. It's impossible to have any sort of meaningful conversation about Rachel without mentioning these spoilers.
  • Granted, if the reader had previously read the Walkyverse it's It Was His Sled territory, but for new readers of the Ultimate Universe comic Dumbing of Age, one can't bring up Joyce's brother Joshua without mentioning that she is an in-the-closet transwoman named Jocelyne, especially since now even the pre-reveal comics are labeled with her correct name.


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